My name is Jinna, and from the outside looking in, I seemed to have it all – a great job, a luxury apartment, a solid long-term relationship with a man I met 5 years before, an overflowing closet with more shoes than I could count, and enough disposable income to eat out in New York City at least 5 nights per week. I had climbed my way up the corporate world, making more money at 25 than most people my age or older than me.

What people didn’t see was the toll the combination of life events took on every inch of my body, heart, mind, and soul.

I never truly dealt with my father’s passing almost two years past, and this, mixed with a horrible work environment, little to no emotional support from my then-boyfriend and the pressure of saving face, led to the almost complete loss of hope in my future.

I had reached the point where I lost the will to live; I no longer wanted to wake up in the morning only to feel hopeless. I gave up on my dreams. I shut myself off from my loved ones and close friends. I developed alopecia and lost my hair at an alarming rate, where one bald spot the size of a dime, turned into six half-dollar-sized ones all over my head within three weeks.

One day I woke up and made the decision to take back control of my life. I bought a one-way ticket to Iceland, inspired by the hundreds of Pinterest images and travel blogs I read online. I stopped buying shoes to try to mask my pain. I sold 80% of my disgustingly huge closet for extra cash. I decided not to renew my lease on my apartment. I left my job with no Plan B. I bought a backpack, stuffed it with my DSLR, laptop and a few changes of clothes. I left everything in New York City to travel the world for the first time with a lifesize cutout of my dad.

My father never had the chance to travel the world. He sacrificed his entire life for others – his parents, his children, his wife, his family and his friends. At 51, he was diagnosed with cancer, just one year before his own father passed away from the disease. Before he had the chance to realize his own dreams, cancer took him from the world and it was the hardest thing that we had ever been through, individually and as a family.

But even though he is not here in the flesh, I knew he was with us in spirit. To share his story and to help bring peace to my stepmother, my 22-year-old brother, my 9-year-old sister, and myself, I took him with me all over Europe to be photographed together in front of some of the world’s most iconic destinations.


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang


For My Father - Dad Travels the World - Photographer Jinna Yang

I hope my story will inspire you to take a chance, and to never give up hope. (READ: Why I Jumped at the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon)

For years I chased success and sacrificed happiness, but success lives where happiness lies. Don’t chase success, chase happiness and success will come. Happy Father’s Day to you all. @projectinspo

Special thank you to my good friend Tineey, who took a lot of these photos for this project.

  • Darleen M

    This is the most beautiful post I’ve ever seen on the Internet. Literally had me sobbing over my ice cream! Thank you for sharing. I hope your healing well. Much love from Canada!

    • Disgusted

      Too bad it’s all fake. Just read the discussions. She is a disturbed woman.

      • Be Nice

        Hey “Disgusted” (nice name) pretty quick to judge, aren’t you? You can see her friend’s video montage of their trip here: It shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and you can see how the cutout has lots of white around it that needed to be photoshopped out in order to make it seem that he, her recently deceased and totally beloved father, was really on the journey with her. But, I can see your point about how photoshopping done by a heartbroken daughter trying to remember that her father is still with her in spirit is probably “disgusting” to you. Nice job, bully.

      • Guest


    • lucygoose

      The photoshopping is a moot point for me as long as she actually traveled to those destinations with the cardboard cut out of her dad.
      As mentioned several times previously, it makes sense that she would Photoshop the pictures. This way, when she looks at the photos and reminisces about her father it is as if he really went with her! Rather than make her out to be as fraud, try and understand the context of her spiritual sojourn and physical journey! This perspective clearly illustrates that this story is about the complexities of human emotions, protecting oneself from the devastation of profound grief, and ultimately healing from grief itself!

      With that said; I do believe in full disclosure. I still think this would be a great story if the author/blogger commenced her story by stating that she traveled the world, but missed the presence of her decreased farther; therefore, she Photoshoped him on the photo. This would be a beautiful story nonetheless.


  • alicebaxley

    this is so amazing and inspiring.

  • Katharine Kearns

    Very sweet. I am very touched by your journey and very proud of you for doing this for yourself and your dad. I lost my father in March of this year. This is my first father’s day without him and your story and photos made me happy.

  • Amira

    Jinna, this post is absolutely wonderful. I am 25 too and can’t even bare to imagine what you went through. I hope you are healing now and just wanted to say that what you have done is amazing and an achingly beautiful tribute to your father. Positive thoughts sent your way 🙂

    • B

      While you hope that she’s healing, shes here laughing at how much better off she is at 25 then you are.

  • AliHui


    So grown up and wise for 25. It sounds like you have a wonderful life ahead of you. With your dad’s loving spirit and your own new life experience guiding you into a future full of promise and potential. Now to carve a life out for yourself by your own rules, not by society’s. I wish you well in your endeavours going forward. And may your life be filled with love and light, instead of a closet full of shoes.

    Warmest, A

  • 지나야~ this is amazing and I can’t even imagine how proud and thankful your father is! Thank you for the inspiration and shedding a new light in my life. Hwaiting!! 😉 xoxoxo


  • Guest

    I had a lump in my throat when I read your blog. You have also given me the courage to keep up my search to find the right job for me, and to strive to remain in my hometown of Montreal.

  • Meena Khan

    I had a lump in my throat when I read your blog. Your experiences have inspired me to not lose hope that I will find a job that is right for me in my hometown.

  • dmi

    This is amazing! My father passed away nearly three years ago now. My father had a harsh upbringing in South Korea and he sacrificed so much for our family…he tried to provide for us in ways he never experienced which included traveling everywhere…but there was such a long list of places he wanted to get to…places that I hope to get to one day for him…thank you for sharing…what at an amazing idea and an inspiration to go and live life!!

  • This … brought tears, so inspirational, you are someone so awesome! Absolutely made my day reading this and looking at your gorgeous photos <3 Please stay in contact hun, your'e beautiful xx

  • E

    Where’s your shadow in “LEANING TOWER – PISA, ITALY”?

    • Michelle

      Where is Dad in the waterfall shot?

      • Rasta pasta

        Dad is invisible …and only comes out if there are believers of the church of the flying spagetti monster. Only pastafarians can see Dad!

        • Giovanna Territsen

          sure. we should pray to the pirates.

      • Loribeth

        Both pictures have been photoshopped. The first to add her arm sticking out, which is obviously fake, and done by someone to discredit her. The second, to add her dad. With all the mist that is around a waterfall, I wouldn’t want to bring a cutout to the actual site, because it would get ruined.

  • Pat Haddad

    what a beautiful way you chose to heal….I hope this helps you move on with your life and realize that, even when the life size figure of your father isn’t with you, he is. Wishing the best and happiness with your life to be.

  • Avutunnat

    This is suspicious. Somebody with Photoshop tools could point out all of the apparently manipulated portions of the photos better than I, but here are a few obvious ones

    (1) In Paris (Eiffel Tower), you can’t see where the cutout begins and ends between the legs. If it’s cutout between the legs, you should see the lines between the tiles on the pavement.
    (2) In Pisa, the cutout has shadows both in front (towards the sun) and behind. More astonishing, the person has no shadows at all coming from her feet.
    (3) In Blue Lagoon, Iceland, again, what’s going on between the cutout’s legs? If it is not cutout there, then this is different from the rest of the photos. If it is, where are the rocks, etc.?

    • moose

      I have been to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and to see a day where there is not a fog over the Blue Lagoon is very rare because of the geothermal activity and the temperature of the water there is always a fog / mist so it has to be Photoshop I lived in the country for 2&a half years and not once did I ever see it without the mist

    • Hula

      True that the photos might be fabricated. Heck, the whole story might be fabricated. But it is still a great story no less.

      • eagoodlife

        So true!

    • Promote Happiness

      I hope you feel really good about accusing a woman recovering from the loss of her father’s sudden death of photo-shopping. I mean, honestly. Do you feel all high and mighty now? Pretty good feeling, right? Yeah – go forth and continue your crusade for the things in life that are truly important. Especially the stories that might be inspirational to others dealing with similar losses. Avutunnat – you are a true a-hole.

    • Guest

      Wow you’re doing the world a great service. Douchebag.

  • This is such a beautiful and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. I hope your heart, mind and soul are doing the healing that you needed!

    Best Wishes,

    Jordan Davis

  • T.C. Aydos

    Nice but sad story…Hope now you feel better than the previous times…Also I believe that your dad’s spirit will with you ever…Good luck from Turkey…

  • Jinna- Your journey is a beautiful one, and one that is very close to my heart. My dad passed away last year in July a few days before our birthdays. He was my best friend and my mom’s, my little sister’s, and my hero. Cancer was the culprit that took him too earlier. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in February 2012. It had progressed so quickly, the doctor’s weren’t even sure which cancer he had: lung, colon, digestive, etc. He was a fighter with a smile on his face, and at one point, we thought everything would be okay. We had planned trips and all the little things that hadn’t happened while he worked hard to take care of our family. The picture I’ve included was a Mavs vs. Rockets game I took him to to see Jeremy Lin. I’ve recently started to travel with friends and I carry his picture with me. I’ve written to him in the sand in Cali and in Puerto Rico. I am still having a hard time with his passing as I couldn’t even read his Father’s Day card without crying. It’s hard, but I know this makes us all stronger people. I say I Love You more to my family and I still talk to my dad everyday. Thanks for sharing your experiences. -Cynthia

  • Victoria Renner

    Amazing history! I hope you can be in peace now. He will always be with you. And he will always be loved!!! Keep finding youre happyness everyday!!! Best wishes!!!

  • Judy D

    Absolutely beautiful and so touching!!! He would have been incredibly proud and happy to know what you did! Your dad reminds me of my dad…love, love, love this! Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing! 🙂

  • Such a heartwarming post. I hate crying this early in day, but so glad you shared your experience. I linked to your post from blog. Hope that’s ok.

  • What a beautiful and inspiring post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Gene

    This is an amazing post!

  • Nigel Lockwood

    Inspirational. Your father lives on in you, that would be of great comfort to him.

  • AniFofani

    your love for your dad is glowing in these photos. thanks for inspiring me to take my mom somewhere.

  • Queenie Lee
  • jcee

    Great Story but sorry all those photos are photoshoped, the resolution and white balance are not match and shadows direction so unreal also the people in the photo are not recognize your appearance, but great story though wish my little will do this to me lol (15 year photo experience)

    • Love and Happiness

      You can see her friend’s video montage of their trip here: It shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and you can see how the cutout has some white around it that needed to be photoshopped out so the pictures made it seem that her beloved father was really there. I hope the beautiful photos remind her that his presence is still with her, even though he no longer is.

  • Luke, luke.pietrzak.nsw@gmail.

    come and visit Sydney,Australia, will show you around

  • don’t lie to the toothfairy

    i get a bit suspicious as well – it looks like all these photos you just stick your photo in there, no one is ever the same size as you and you don’t fit into that surrounding

  • Mez

    This is a total crock. She’s posed without the cutout and then added it in with photoshop. So many errors in the photoshopping any fool can see.

    • Mez, you are so sweet!

      Keen eye, Mez! Take a look at this video of their trip: See how it shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and how the cutout has lots of white around it that was later photoshopped out to make the look like he was actually there with her, instead of just being a cut-out in a photo? But you’re right, Mez. Shame on her friend for doing everything she could to make an impossible dream come true for her.

  • Carol Manglos

    Sorry for the loss of your father: However, the photos are indeed suspicious. A couple of more points to add to some already stated content: You are posing with a life-sized cutout, and not one person in any of the pictures is looking at you? Seems very odd to me. So, truthfully, suspicious photos lead to suspicion of the whole story.

    • Be Nice

      Take a look at this video of their trip: See how it shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and how the cutout has lots of white around it that was later photoshopped out to make the look like he was actually there with her, instead of just being a cut-out? She took the trip. She took the cutout. Her friend did everything she could to make an impossible dream come true for her. Think things through a little more carefully before you accuse someone of lying about her dead father.

      • Carol Manglos

        I see a square of her father, I don’t see her unfolding it. Listen, I checked the obits and her father did, indeed die…which is very sad. Why not be up front with it all? What’s the problem with having white around the cutout of her father? The fact that there are no shadows of her in any of these pictures, while there are shadows of people all around her (none of which seem to even notice her) is suspicious, that’s all. If she really took the cutout to all these places, you would have more accurate pictures. All I’m saying is, be upfront about it. You must know people do things for publicity every day, and it is not a crime to be suspicious of something that looks suspicious.

  • shayday

    this is so beautiful and a great story for healing, may god bless you.

  • Susie

    I FOUND WALDO! Where’s Waldo? Il Duomo!!!

  • So amazing! Good for you for getting up and moving on, it must have been so so difficult! I wish we had time to meet up when you were in Florence, it would have been so great and I would have loved to have seen you pose with your dad.

    Soon after I moved to Italy and got married my grandfather passed away and it was awful. I was so far from everyone and anyone I knew in Italy didn’t know him, so I felt totally alone. I ended up dedicating a photography project on Instagram to him where I capture all the grandparents in Italy. It makes me feel close to him when I post a picture of an old man. It helps keep him alive, or at least in my mind.

    When someone so wonderful passes there seems to be such a turning point that makes you look deep into yourself and do something that will help them live on outside of your thoughts and tears. I am so happy to have read this and it seems as though your Father in his passing pushed you to travel even though he did not. Perhaps it was a regret in his life to not have hopped on a plane, plus who wouldn’t want to go to Iceland!



  • slg27

    Bogus – not one individual in the background notices someone with an odd large life size cutout cardboard and your never disheveled, wind is never blowing…ugh

    • Just be nice

      Oh, wow. Are you a natural born detective, or did you have to work really hard at it? I mean, great points all around. Very important ones, too. Because if she really did take the trip with a cutout of her deceased father, but photo-shopped the pictures to look even MORE like he was really there with her, that would be the crime of the century, right? Someone get her a nobel prize. Honestly.

    • Guest

      Love how so many of you idiots didn’t even bother to get the whole story. Get a life!

  • Michelle Mieure

    I call such BS on this! I just did a quick search for “Skogafoss Waterfall – Iceland double rainbow” on Yahoo and found this EXACT same picture of her only her cutout of her father is missing. She is holding her arm out and pretending. The link for the picture is but when you click the link this picture does not show up. Check out the image I just uploaded!

    • Be Nice

      Wow, Michelle. Great detective work. Check out her friend’s video montage of their trip here: See how it shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and how the cutout has lots of white around it that her photographer friend photoshopped out (gasp!) in order to make the pictures look like her father was really on a magical trip with her, even though it was just a cut-out? But clearly you were so busy being a bully that you didn’t have time to think it all through…

      • Michelle

        It is wrong to try and advance your career by playing on the sympathies of others. By looking at the video you have posted over and over again I agree that she did at least own a cut-out of a man. The poor photo-shopping and finding a photo where she was clearly not standing with her “father” sheds some doubt on the whole story. You mention over and over that there is a lot of white around the cut-out and it had to be edited out. That is incorrect. You can see that the cut-out is folded over onto itself. The white that you are seeing around the head in the nano second that it is shown is the back of the torso which is wider than the head.

        • Ag

          I think everyone is missing a point! It doesnt matter if its a fake cut out or not! People do u realise how ridiculous u sound!!!! What matters is the message, the story. I have lost my stepdad to cancer almost a year ago and what she wrote was very close to my heart because i could relate to it. Thats what matters, knowing that u can relate to one another. I just cannot even comprehend what im reading here… Dont u have better things to do in life than doing ‘detective’ work on the internet to shatter someone’s dreams??! If she wants to she can photoshop 100 cut outs its her choice, u dont like it walk away.

          • Thank you Ag. I was just about to post the exact same post. Some people need to look beyond the box. WAKE -UP . Don’t you have better things 2 do than critique someone’s sad story & to do what she did, I give 2 thumbs up. God Bless you & watch over you. Help you heal in what you’re going thru.
            Again, Thank you AG for pointing out their stupidity &/or ignorance. Way to go speaking your mind. You go!!

        • Guest

          Seriously. Go get a life.

      • Whatever

        Fake is fake, irregardless of the intentions, simply put. If you are going to lie to the entire internet, irregardless of the reasons, then expect the backlash to come. From someone who was so well off, you think that intelligence would be somewhere in her head. Go ahead, call me and the rest of the posters “bully” but that is a cop out, telling the truth and being honest is not being a bully, unless you are a shallow minded person who thinks anyone who tells you what you so plainly ignore is “mean”.

        • xo

          irregardless is not a word, twat.

        • Rachael West

          Amen. The story is bullshit and no one wants to waste time on a LIE. I won’t be back to this scam of a site.

          • Guest

            Did you need an uplifting story to make you feel better about your pathetic life? Oh well.

      • Mr. Jag Man

        Great job. I wish you well on your journey.

    • AmandaSusan

      Maybe she did that bc she didn’t wanna bring the cutout too close to the misty falls and ruin the cutout.

  • Katie

    Did anyone else notice that she is wearing the exact same outfit in each photo, just different shoes and a scarf.

    • Be nice, be smart

      Hmmm… you’re right. Haven’t traveled much, have you? Otherwise you’d know that it’s not uncommon to pack just one coat on a trip, and that sometimes you might wear a scarf – but othertimes, maybe you’d NOT wear a scarf. Great point, seriously.

  • BoscoMoney

    This is all fake.

  • Guest

    Funny My comment was deleted. I will try again.

    • Holly K

      hi there! i’ve actually been to Skogafoss, and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you get drenched with mist from the giant waterfall. it seems to me that perhaps Jinna was simply protecting the cut out from getting ruined in this case. I think at the end of the day, the story itself is what is meaningful, not the way she takes her pictures. right?

  • Ella

    Looks like bad Photoshop to me.

  • BonnieBelle

    Congratulations on finding peace in an impossible situation, and kudos for being brave enough to share your story with the world!

  • Dee

    Fabricated or not, I love the story. If this is healing for you, Go For it!!! Best of luck w/your other travels.

  • Amanda

    I was skeptical as well…however, I went to her friends page and there is a video of their trip in Iceland and the friend does a camera spin at 0:53 seconds and you can see Jinna unfolding the cardboard cut out of her dad. It looks like her friend is a professional photographer so she probably did edit the pics quite a bit to make them look flawless. Its totally possible that she didn’t take the cutout with her in the waterfall shot because it was her only one, she paid $ for it and she didn’t want to ruin it. Why are we all so cynical, quick to judge and point out what we think is wrong with other people?

    • Amanda

    • Michelle

      You must be Jinna using a fake user name.

      • Promote Happiness

        You must be a jerk.

      • kim

        I think every time we see a response saying “go look at the video her friend made” it’s Jinna using some other name. It happens too often and it’s just the same response with a different name. I lost my Dad too and was compelled to read this. It’s terrible that’s she playing peoples emotions like this. Now I don’t believe a word of this. Sad because it (was) a good story. Now I’m chalking it up to another internet story.

    • Promote Happiness

      Thank you, Amanda. I think all the negative comments on this site are atrocious. People can be so quick to judge, and it’s sad to see so many searching for something awful to say. Honestly, I think it’s a lovely story, and my heart breaks to think of her reading such horrid responses when she is putting her heart on her sleave in a tribute to her dad.

  • ensenadadon

    OK, the fotos are all fake, is Dad still with us?

  • Bob DePlachett

    I had to come back to the beginning of your website to comment. After going from page to page and feeling your loss, your inspirations, and observing your vast talents, I am compelled to tell you what an amazing woman you are. I have come to a point once again in my own life where I am in limbo and I think you made a great choice to do as you did. Your ex missed out on the person you are. Too bad. You must have the largest closet in New York! Lol!!

  • Bob DePlachett

    First, I am sorry for your loss. You love your father so much. My father passed away this past year as well.
    I don’t quite understand why there are comments here trying to discredit this enlightening and totally inspiring web posting. Your so very talented, Jinna. I hope the future brings you nothing but happiness.

  • Jake

    I am sorry for your loss, but there’s nothing more despicable than someone fabricating a story just to get feels out of people. Fake is fake. It’s not a good story if it’s a fake one. If you’re gonna lie, at least be smart about it, hun.

    • Just be nice. You can do it.

      How do you know it was a fabricated story? Is it possible the photos were retouched later to make the cut-out seem more realistic, in order to help her remember that her father will always be with her, even though he died? Seriously, you are awfully high and mighty for someone who uses the term “hun.” You can see the cutout on the video of their trip, which explains why the photos needed retouching:

  • Disgusted

    Worst Photoshop job….EVER. The comments on the Yahoo story are full of people pointing out the Photoshop mistakes. They even posted a picture of her standing with her arm extended out-WITHOUT HER FATHER. Part of his leg is missing in one of the pictures and is not missing in the others.The next story on Yahoo is going to be her pointed out as a liar.She should fess up before she ruins her life. It is sick to play on people’s sympathy for attention. This kind of stuff is what makes me disgusted to be a human.

    • Don’t be a jerk

      If you view the video of their trip: you’ll see her unfolding the cutout, which is not actually a perfect cutout (for shame!). In fact it has some flaws, like plenty of white around it. In order to make the photos look as close as possible to having her father on the trip with them, it looks like there were some retouches. Her friend did everything she could to make an impossible dream come true for her. Is that worth being “Disgusted” about? Think it over, and pick on someone whose father hasn’t just died of cancer.

      • sfa

        been watching it over and over again – can you tell me which part you can “see her unfolding the cutout”?

        • bomantung


    • Bert Desmet

      Great job. This is a nice offer towards your father. Respect bert belgium

  • Moose Rich

    thank you dear! He will be very proud of you! even I, just passing by this story from facebook. thank you! you give us more positive strength to live!

  • Meng Chiao

    Your story inspires me… Keep it up!!

  • Shame on you

    How bad is your photoshop skill? I doubt anyone but hobbit can have a picture like that on the millennium bridge in London. Ridiculous and disgusting.

    • No, shame on YOU

      Wow, you are a total a-hole. There is clearly no reasoning with you. However, please look at this video of their trip: See how it shows her unfolding the cutout of her father, and how the cutout has lots of white around it that needed to be photoshopped out by her photographer friend so the pictures made it seem that he, her recently deceased and totally beloved father, was really on a magical trip with her instead of just a cut-out? So that a heartbroken daughter could remember that her father’s presence is still with her, even though he no longer is? Shame on YOU, you mean bully. Next time pick on someone who’s father didn’t just die of cancer, jerk.

    • kim

      No kidding! If you’ve ever been here you know this is IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Michelle Alana Mansell-Yarbrou

    Well I kind of did the same thing. I’m now 40yo and for most of my life I’ve always tried to do the right thing. I joined the service straight out of high school to serve my country and hopefully to travel. I met and married my husband after knowing each other 1 month 12 years and 3 boys later I became a single mom when he decided he wasn’t happy in his life. I worked hard to support and my boys and give them the best life I could. After almost 10 years my oldest turned 18 thought he was now a man and went out on his own and my other 2 thought it was time they gave living with their dad a shot (mind you during all this time he finished his schooling and I had just tried to go back to finish my education) At that point gone was going to be my free education and I wasn’t willing to work at my job which I was hating at the time and try to go to school for the next 10 years only to have major student loans to pay back at 50.

    An opportunity came up for me to live a dream I’ve always had but thought would be out of my reach for the next 10 years until my boys were all out of school. I got the chance to go to Europe. When the opportunity arose I just went with it. Within a month I had an estate sale and sold all my belongings and even my car to fund my trip. I was able to go to Ireland, London, and Paris. Then I went down to Greece and sailed around there for a few weeks then I sailed over to Sicily then I traveled up through Italy (Napoli, Pompeii, Ecolono, Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice) Then Vienna, Prague and Berlin. Then it was heading home through Barcelona and Alicante. I did do some side trips around the places I visited and met soooo many amazing people along the way.

    Now here it is 3 weeks home and I’m having to rebuild again. Life is too short to not take chances. You can’t always plan for your future because you never know what your future is going to hand you and the next thing you know is you’ve missed your chance.

    I can now honestly say I have lived a full life. I’ve served my country, I’ve helped to create families. I’ve raised an amazing family and I’ve lived my dream of traveling. No regrets, I’m loving the life I’ve been given and making the most of it. I believe everything will fall into place as it’s meant to happen.

    Feel free to check out my Facebook page and follow along in my journey. I’m hoping not to be done with my travels but we will see what life hands me next.

  • Love and Happiness

    This is a beautiful and inspirational story. Your father will always be with you, and we are better for knowing him through your words and photos. Please disregard any negative comments to your loving tribute. I believe there is truly goodness in everyone; however, bullying is sometimes the easier route for people. Ignore their unhappiness, and celebrate your strength and love. I’m sending you a hug from Portland, Oregon! xo

  • Joe Chia

    I say, “You’re a bad MOFO”. Your dad is very proud to raise an independent, strong, spirited woman! As Oprah would say, “You go girl!”

  • proud human

    ENTIRELY FAKE!!!!!!!!!!
    She should be ashamed of herself.

  • hopeless

    Wow all the criticism and negative comments DISGUST me. I clicked on the link to this blog from what was supposed to be an inspiring article off Yahoo, only to see it strewn with trash in the comments. Really people? We get duped by false advertising and manipulation everyday, but you choose to call foul on a daughter grieving for her father? Very smart…and heartless. Is it photo-shopped? Probably. Everyone touches up photos posted to social media. But I highly doubt her father was photo-shopped in. For all of you out there who just can’t seem to find the cutout of her father in the Youtube video folks posted down below as proof, watch 0:52-0:53 and 1:00-1:02 you can see her holding the cutout (which really EXISTS *shock* OMG). Everyone who helped contribute to this witch hunt should be ashamed and your blatant disinterest for another human being before you rushed in to tear her to shreds is obvious. Thanks for flaunting your lack of compassion, humanity and your egotistical personalities for the world to see through your nasty “i’m sooo right, she’s faking it” comments. IF you had actually taken the time to watch the video, and ACTUALLY had the attention span and compassion to pay attention to the girl in the video before you went around saying “I AM right” in your comments, you would have seen your stupidity before posting it for the whole world to see. Thanks for raining on everyone’s parade. She’s out there inspiring others through her actions, touching them through this tribute to her father, while you are a heartless coward bashing someone you don’t even know behind a screen and keyboard and contributing to making the world a darker place. I hope you feel ashamed for what you’ve done and take more time to assess the situation before you rush to judge another human being in the future.

    • hotscot

      And what about the missing and inaccurate shadows?
      And why is the photoshop job so badly done that it’s obvious?
      This is simply self promotional fakery.

  • Jinna and Tineey:
    First of all let me thank you for the *gorgeous* quality of both of your blogs and photographic work. They are outstanding travelogues 🙂
    I was also really touched about your story and your travels.

    About all the negative reactions concerning the photoshop editing of the photos:
    I did appreciate the *clarifications* in previous comments, explaining that the photos are real/legit, that the cutout was really used in almost all occasions and that the cutout portion of the photos was indeed (slightly) retouched in some of the photos.

    Congratulations again on both blogs, and your inspiring friendship.
    Wishing you all the best from Portugal.

  • I want to like the story, BUT

    Yeah, as much I love the story. But the picture tells real story. In the Eiffel Towel picture, there’s a “white outline” on the dad cutout. But the next picture at Duomo, the “white outline” are completely gone? And the picture at Geysir, Iceland the “white outline” are appearing on both sides of the cutout. Just look at different photos and that white outline comes and goes and changes as well. Plus many other things people brought up such as shadows, the gap between the cutout’s legs, etc. Sigh…

  • Love the story, BUT…

    There are so many obvious edits on those photos. Such as:

    – Appearing, disappearing and changes to the white outline on the cutout
    – Where’s the folding crease on the cutout?
    – Gap space between the cutout were see through and blocked
    – There’s a picture of someone found of her in front of the waterfall and arms out but no cutout
    – The size of the cutout seemed slightly different in some photos
    – etc.

    I also lost my dad. I really love the story. But with those suspicious photoshopped photos, people will be suspicious of your story too.

  • N

    Ignore all the negative people – what you’re doing for yourself and to pay tribute to the loving memory of your father is so beautiful and pure. I hope this journey brings you peace and happiness – life is to short for anything less. Sometimes the world/life makes sense only if you change the “rules.”

  • u4ia

    I think it’s great that you do this to honor your father! I know he would be proud of you.

  • Jeanita M. Ho

    Dear Jenner, you’re impressed me with your love to your Dad and family
    My highest respect to you. Salute to your Dad, who have such a wonderful loving daughter and will feel so much comfort and happiness when he look down from the heaven.

  • Gif2112


  • Audrey

    I can’t believe some of the stupid comments coming through here! Honestly people. What she has done here is so much more than taking some good photos. It’s a shame so many of you are too ignorant to appreciate the real meaning of this whole thing. God bless Jinna.

  • Carvin

    Beautiful story, amazing pictures! Your 아버지 would be proud:) You’ve learned the true meaning of life, early enough to actually live it 😉

  • Vikki

    How can you guys be so insensitive? Who cares if they are photo shopped or not? Either way, the message is still there and the pictures are gorgeous. She lost her father to cancer and managed to fufill his dreams, even if they were photo shopped. Happy belated father’s day to you all! <3

  • Shu

    This is a really beautiful story Jinna! Thank you for sharing your journey and made me think about the things that should be more important in my life, other than just being in the rat race.. all the best to you.

  • Louis Lien

    no matter her photos are real or photoshopped, but her story is much more meaningful.
    seems Jinna is a filial good gal.
    nowadays, less and less people have such good chinese tradition of filial.
    that’s why world becomes worse and worse.
    the solution is everyone starts learning chinses tradition of dizigui [弟子規].

  • Ashley Poag

    Beautiful Story!!

  • B

    “from the outside looking in, I seemed to have it all – a great job, a luxury apartment, a solid long-term relationship with a man I met 5 years before, an overflowing closet with more shoes than I could count, and enough disposable income to eat out in New York City at least 5 nights per week. I had climbed my way up the corporate world, making more money at 25 than most people my age or older than me.”

    Sounds pretty self-absorbed to me. Working in your profession, I doubt you can sustain that lifestyle. Not to mention in NYC too…. Horrible way to start off your blog about your father, by bragging about how much you pretend you have and how much you think you’re better then most people at age 25. Kind of sad that it took your fathers death for an narcissist like you to realize how much you cared about him.

  • B

    “from the outside looking in, I seemed to have it all – a great job, a luxury apartment, a solid long-term relationship with a man I met 5 years before, an overflowing closet with more shoes than I could count, and enough disposable income to eat out in New York City at least 5 nights per week. I had climbed my way up the corporate world, making more money at 25 than most people my age or older than me.”

    self-absorbed, egotistic, narcissist…. What? cant handle the truth?

  • Smile On

    Good grief, people. Who cares if the photos are photoshopped!? Wouldn’t you touch up your photos before you put them on the internet? I am amazed at how many of you are so quick to judge and criticize. “Oh, the photos are suspicious,” “it is wrong …to advance your career by playing on the sympathies of others”, “fake is fake”….Where does she say she’s looking for another job? Why do you automatically think she’s doing this for her own gain? If she was as rich as she says, she doesn’t need help finding a job. She was obviously successful in whatever it was she did and she could probably go back. She doesn’t ask for anything in her post other than to think about your life. This whole thing was a tribute to her father, a good man who always put others first. What’s so wrong with that? I say good for her! It’s about time someone honored someone else for their decency rather than their money or fame. You want true fake, go look at some of the “stars” and athletes on TV.
    Jinna, thank you for sharing. I hope your trip brought you peace.

    • hotscot

      Because they’re not using Photoshop to touch up.
      The pictures have been faked and you’ve been lied to.

  • S

    I can’t believe how cruel people are these days. I see comments likeI’m so sorry for your loss, BUT…”. Why add the but? If you’re truly sorry for her loss, then write such malicious words afterwards? Saying “this kind of stuff is what makes me disgusted to be human” is really harsh to say about a person who went on a journey to find some closure for her and her family. People are so quick to criticize that I’m sure even if the photoshop controversy didn’t exist, another issue would be brought up. Maybe she did photoshop a few pictures, but that shouldn’t be the main focus of this project. At least it isn’t to me. To me, it’s about realizing that there is more to life than materialism and success and living life to the fullest while bringing honor to her dad. I followed Jinna’s Instagram before she started this project, and she always seemed to be a sincere and humble person. It’s easy to criticize someone when you only see one aspect of their existence.

  • The point is, she traveled to see the world for her father. Stop being hateful. #spreadlove

    • hotscot

      Where’s her own shadow in the leaning tower of Pisa shot? Looks like she wasn’t even there herself.
      And why post so many obviously bad fake Photoshop pictures? Photoshop is used to fix errors, not make them worse.

      This is just self promotional fakery.

    • B

      That’s like saying, she has to buy some more shoes because it makes her father happy.

  • Dina

    If you look at this photo posted on her Instagram, you’ll see that there’s a bit of white space around the cutout, here you can see white space around her dad’s cutout’s legs. It is obvious that the images were photoshopped, however only to remove the white space.

    • hotscot

      Yes but you can’t remove the white space without removing the background unless they’re on separate layers. Like one picture pasted on top of another.

  • jackson

    lovely photos and interesting /emotional story ! Well done Jinna ! I hope you find your inner peace and wish you all the best in the journey of life.

  • MyIceCreamMelted

    Found this story through news. 2 points became aware to me:
    1) Anyone with a slightly heartfelt story can make it on the news, and no one dares to do some investigating around
    2) MSN is thirsty as hell for news

  • Joe

    Meet me in Chicago for 4th of July! I am on a solo trip with by sweaty Kawasaki Vulcan from 6/27 to 7/7. Milwaukee Summer Fest on 7/3 then Chicago for the 4th.

  • We Get It

    If only there were a video of her unfolding the cutout of her Dad where we could see the white edges that need to be photoshopped.

    I’m really sorry she lost her Dad. I lost my Dad when he was only 37 to a car accident, so I can definitely relate. But it’s kind of nuts to take a cardboard cutout around the world (if that even happened). I mean, you get that he is not the one traveling, right? I recommend using any further funds you manage to raise for grief counseling, because this is not healthy. Whether true or not, you definitely need help.

  • Moonsushi

    For the sceptics see her Instagram page
    Yes the cut out of her father has ultimately been photoshopped to tidy the edges – but why would she not be allowed to do that? They’re her photos and her memories, if she wants to touch them up go ahead. Also things get damaged on travels so as a back up yeah she may have had to pose without him there (cardboard + waterfall would equal one soggy dad).
    Ultimately the sentiment is there, so lay off and enjoy this story of someone finding joy from a sad situation.

    She went on some amazing travels – I doubt half of us have even able to do that yet – and she has found a peace. Be inspired

    • B

      actually according to stats, 39.1 million people visited just Italy alone last year

  • Johnson

    Before reading the comments I was already a little suspicious about the photo in Duomo, Italy where no one in that group behind her is even looking in her direction. I think most people would kind of stare when they see someone posing with a cardboard cutout.

  • Dolores Horine

    Sounds like a great journey, bless you:)

  • Jing Jing

    Aw! You are so creative!

  • Boo

    Amazing how looooooong your right arm is in the waterfall photo

  • Julie-Anne

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Who looks at a story like this and decides to pick holes in it? Who cares if Jinna photoshopped the picture of her Dad? HE DIED! DIED. HER FATHER IS DEAD. Don’t say you know what someone’s been through just because you too have lost a parent. Or if you haven’t lost a parent (or someone close to you), think that saying ‘sorry for your loss’ before you say awful things is going to cancel out how much of a prick you are being. Where exactly does it say she’s trying to advance her career? Why is she lying to us if she photoshopped the pictures? She went to the places….her father is dead. Is that not enough? Why do you care so much about photoshopping? And calling her narcissistic for describing her life on her own blog is pretty ridiculous…why are you reading someone’s blog if you don’t want to read about their life? Isn’t the whole point of a blog to be narcissistic? Stop being jealous of someone for going out and doing something positive with an awful thing that happened to her. She’s getting attention for being awesome, and you’re being an asshole, hiding behind a computer keyboard. I’m sure your parents would be real proud of you for picking on someone who has lost one of theirs. Oh, and FYI, my Dad died of cancer around the same time as hers did, and I think she is rad. And her Dad obviously was too, cos he’s raised someone as cool as her, and inspired her to do something with her life, and share it. It’s a shame that with sharing things in this day and age you get the inevitable backlash of jealous little bigots who want to pick holes in something so special. Stop hating people. If you can tear holes in this story without blinking an eye, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Rock on Jinna, and ignore these trolls

  • What an amazing story! This is so inspirational xx


  • Katarina

    I think you did a great stuff. If you feel, it will help you, you should always go for it. I read loads of terrible comments here, but I think that most of them is just jealousy. How many people can say they had almost everything in age 25? But I can even understand you, that you felt fed up of it and wanted something different, something what is more important in a life not just clothes. Don’t worry about all that comments, there is always so many people like this ones, they are just terribly jealous. Go for it and enjoy it. Good luck on your travels.

  • Nicole

    Are you traveling by yourself? Who’s taking the pictures?

  • Kyla

    This was truly beautiful & inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story <3

  • Maybe your story sounds a little bit weird, but it’s an awesome story.

  • Jane

    Who the f#$% cares if the cut-out is photoshopped or if it’s real? This project is awesome, Jinna. It’s really touching. And, the photos made me tear up. I never thought I’d cry over a cut-out of a human being. But, just to think that he’s not here on Earth, but looking at the picture of him as though he is there is really making me emotional. All the best to you.

  • Silvia

    Great post! A truly inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cols

    Made me cry 🙁 Thanks for sharing

  • Debbie Durham Fleetwood-Vogler

    This is a beautiful post. May success come your way again in a less stressful way.

  • Mugure K. Crawford

    thank you so much for sharing I really needed this post at this very moment in time at my life!! had me in tears and smiling so hard at the same time!!! I lost my dad 1 year ago today and my life has been in complete confusion! people see my life as so perfect and this happy person all the time when deep down I’m always fighting back the tears and the pain. My husband hardly ever knows how to deal with my contstant emotions let alone still seeing my mom loose the only man she’s ever loved and her best friend(she can be so mean to me too). I have to mask all this(while trying to raise 2 happy kids) carry on all this while nobody ever thinks to ask Is “Mugure really OK”. People never really want to deal with grief or death. This was a Great Perspective and Yes I wanted to Go back to Kenya at least 1 last time with My Dad! This will be a Great Way to Do it! Thank so Much Again!!!

  • jenjenk

    what an inspiration!

  • Laurence

    C’est tout simplement magnifique ce que tu as fait bravo à toi ton papa dois être très fière de toi vraiment

  • Holly K

    Jinna, this is such a beautiful story! I also lost my father to cancer, and 6 months after his passing, my younger sister and I traveled through Europe to celebrate his life. Similar to your father, my dad gave up his dreams of traveling the world to care for my family the best way he could. It’s changed my life and the way I think about the importance of perspective. Thanks for sharing such an imaginative way to remember a lost loved one.

  • Yuliya

    Fantastic project Jinna, keep up the great work. Very creative and sentimental.

    Yuliya xx

  • dary410

    i also lost my dad when I was 24.. a little over 4 years ago. regardless of the fidelity of your photos… i really appreciate what you tried to do for your dad. I vowed to travel with my dad’s ashes which I wear as a pendent but I didn’t even do that most of the times since I was afraid I’ll lose it. Our loved ones would stay in our hearts/minds wherever we go. Keep it up and don’t listen to those who don’t get it!

  • Susy Valencia

    This is a nice thing to do. Either you brought the cut out or not or photoshopped your dad in. It’s nice. I can relate, my mom passed almost 5 years ago. Really beautiful thing to do.

  • trace

    I’m confused, you have just ‘travelled’ for one month to a few countries, now you’re back in the US. I would not class that as travelling and write a bunch of articles proclaiming your wisdom on life and ‘world adventure’ when it is obvious you have not even the surface of travelling.


    What an amazing project,
    With love from London!
    Emma 🙂

  • MissLilly

    This is so beautiful!!! I’m sure your dad is really proud of you 🙂

  • Tish

    Absolutely beautiful story. Thanks for sharing

  • traveling rolemodel

    this warmed my heart. im a daddys girls and they way you still have him by your side even in spirit is just amazing. I hope hes enjoying theses adventures with you. LOVE this

  • Furabella

    im at the office, working works i hate. why am i even still here..
    i cried reading this. sad and yet a great eye opener. Be strong now when your loved ones are still around who can share with you the success and happiness brought about by adventures rather than deciding to be strong later when they’re no longer there and you just have to bring their lifesize cutout.
    i’m gonna start savoring moments here and there with my parents, my sister, my partner. thanks for this!
    God bless you.

  • Nikki

    crying crying crying . . . ; ; ; ; ; ; xoxo!!!

  • Amit Mamgain

    i respect your attitude to happiness and life. am in the same boat, more of raft, and i am loving it. of course sometimes it is hard to explain to my parents and friends wt* i mean by what i am doing (or not doing) cheers

  • Sofia B

    That is so sweet! I couldn’t imagine losing my dad, to cancer or any other disease for that matter. Having already lost my grandfather to cancer I wouldn’t want to lose anyone else to that disease.


  • Luzia

    I’d like to be brave enought. Congratulations!!!

  • Olga L

    You are so strong and free person! Your post is amazing and brings out a lot of emotions!
    Thank you for sharing this with the world…

  • etsy

    This was at once heartbreaking and endearing. Although I can’t profess to know how you feel, I’ve definitely experienced the fear of not having my parents with me, which is why I hope to travel with them as much as possible. I’ve full admiration for your dedication in bringing a life size cutout of your dad around Europe. I’m sure he would be so proud of you (:

  • Billi

    This is beautiful. And even though I know it’s because you probably took like two pairs of shoes, it’s cute that you’re wearing the same outfit in most of the photos so it looks like you done it all in one day 🙂

  • This made me tear up for many reasons but this is so inspirational and a reminder to just go out there and live life. Thanks for that, this is beautiful.

    Mel x

  • Hi Jinna– I am about 7 months too late, it looks like, but I wanted to tell you how deeply moving this post was. You seem like an amazing person and I am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures.

  • Ivy Irene Gutierrez Noche

    I think your story is inspirational. just got out of a heartbreak (sounds irrelevant) but after stumbling upon your blog, it has given me comfort… perhaps it’s your independence and carefree nature

  • Jae Beom Kim

    어이구 지나씨. 저는 여기 엘에이부근에서 부모님하고 세탁소 하고있는 사람인데. 울 부모님은 지금 80되셨는데 아직 세탁일하시고 세계여행 못갔어요. 31년째 일하고 계십니다. 지나씨 이야기를 듣고 와서 한마디라두 해야 겠다고 생각했습니다. 포기하지 마시고요. 아버님 몱까지 건강하게 사셔야죠. 이세상이 혼자살게 되는세상이지만, 또 정말 혼자두 아니랍니다. 또 뵈요. ^^

  • This is beautiful and so touuching 🙁 I am dealing with the same situation with my father as well, it has been months and I still have not fully processed. Love your blog.

  • Katherine Jadex

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for this post. I have been feeling a little down lately and this has made me gather myself back together and keep striving, living and loving myself. Because Happiness is Success. <3 Thank you

  • I’m literally crying. I think he would be so proud of you.

  • Avianti Jewelry

    This is an incredible story, thank you for sharing, i was actually brought to tears. Love from LA

  • Your story is so touching! I of course cried reading this post! I lost my mom to cancer when I was 25 and I now travel the world and document it on my blog in her honor: -I shared your site with some of my friends who have been through similar situations losing close family members and feelings helpless and hopeless because of it. You are an inspiration for giving up everything to find you happiness! XO, Vanessa

  • Sarita La Cubanita

    Jinna, you are such a beautiful soul, and your dad must have been as well to have a daughter such as you. Your voyage with your dad has done a lot for many who have lost their fathers. Thank you.

  • Gerald Pottier

    My dad just died 2 days ago, this little blog helped. God bless you Jinna!

    • theinspoproject

      Sending you so many hugs and positive vibes. I’m sorry for your loss – and I can’t imagine what you’re going through as everyone deals with death differently. I can imagine it’s a bit of a shock and nothing really makes sense? At least that’s what happened with me. I promise it gets easier. Thinking of you and your family, thank you for your comment. <3