I had just gotten off the train after a quick pit stop in Pisa, walked around 10 minutes over to Piazza Ognissanti, checked into the St. Regis Hotel here in Florence, and as soon as I stepped foot into this suite, my jaw dropped.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

This might just be the most beautiful suite I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

This might also just be the most beautiful bed I’ve ever laid my bum on.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, ItalySt Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

This is definitely the most beautiful view of the Fiume Arno river at sunset, right from this window.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

But I wouldn’t expect anything less from the hotel ranked #2 in all of Florence.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

Everyone who stays here has their own personal butler. She was pretty awesome – she gave us recommendations on places to eat, visit, play and dance while we relaxed in the living area in the afternoon.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

The Italian cappuccinos and cookies were a perfect pick-me-up.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

And it’s only fair that if the bed is this beautiful… the bathroom should be just as magnificent for your bum.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, ItalySt Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

Magnificent is right. The products are the most amazing, the tub has jets perfect for a big night in, and no entertainment needed because there’s a TV screen built into the mirror right above the sink.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

So you’ve got one life to live and yes, a limited budget, but this place is definitely one that’s worth the splurge.

St Regis Hotel| Florence, Italy

This is one of the most luxurious hotels in Italy, and if you’ve been thinking of doing something special for your mom, wife, and/or hubby (you go, you sugar mama, you), I would most definitely recommend bringing them here to treat them for a night of two.

Read the 4.9 out of 5 star reviews, and find out more info on their website here.

  • Ayesha

    Wow… I think I’m a little bit (more than a little actually!) jealous of you! That looks absolutely stunning. Feels fit for royalty. And it’s super cool that you had your own butler!!

    Ayesha xxx

    • It was most definitely the most luxurious hotel suite I had ever stayed in! Most st. Regis properties are pretty awesome! :):)

  • This hotel is absolutely stunning. I’d love to stay here some day! Talk about Italian princess or what?

    • It was pretty awesome. Collapsed on the bed after stepping in but the bathroom was the absolute best!

  • cliffhangersblog

    This. Is. So. AWESOME. What a luxury vacation this one’s going to be.

  • Swan

    I love glamour and a personal butler has to “cut the cake”! What a lovely princess time you had. Although when visiting a fabulous city, like Florence, time is taken up with site seeing both in and out of the city it’s wonderful to know that you are returning to a veritable palace at the end of the day/night. Dream, dream, dream…………….

    • Yes, swan dream dream dream! Even if it was for one night it was so worth it 🙂

  • This is ranked #2? I’d like to see what #1 looks like! Holy moly!

    • Hapinesswherever

      Hahaha me too 🙂

  • katye

    This looks like a dream. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to part with 600 Eur per a night at a hotel. This is about how much I would spend on one weeks’ lodging. For me, travel is primarily about seeing the world and experiencing local culture. So, until there are hotels who would invite me to stay with them for free, or I have more starpoints than I need (25,000 starpoints per night is still a whole lot), I will have just look at this picture and dream. Thanks for the lovely post.

  • W.O.W. I’m stunned. That place looks ridiculously insane. The view is just… I have no words… And a tv on the mirror? I want to go there…

  • Queenie Lee
  • MissLilly

    Wow awesome!!!!! The place is gorgeous! I have to say I’m not used to luxury so when I stop by a 5 star hotel I feel awkward because I don’t know how to use what I have. I always carry my own suitcase into the room and smile at everyone. I guess I’ll always be me. Hope I have the chance to stay in that hotel. Moments are priceless and a gorgeous view is worth it

  • Hapinesswherever

    I was planning to go to Florence last year but didn’t make it. Now I know I have to do it this year! 😛 If only to dream about staying at St Regis 😛

  • what type of room did you stay in? I am thinking about booking this hotel for my upcoming visit to florence but cannot decide what type of room!