1. Mark Cuban

Until 25, a bartender at his own bar. Currently the Dallas Mavericks owner, entrepreneur and billionaire.

Mark Cuban on Success | Inspiration | Quotes

2. Suze Orman

Until 30, a waitress. Currently a finance guru, best-selling author and motivational speaker. suze orman inspirational quote

3. Harrison Ford

Until his 30s, a carpenter. Currently, well, you know – actor and producer. Harrison Ford | Inspirational Quotes | Success

4. Pejman Nozad

Until his 30s, a rug dealer. Currently, one of the most successful angel investors in Silicon Valley. PEJMAN NOZAD SILICON VALLEY INVESTOR SUCCESS STORY

5. Manoj Bhargava

Until 30, a taxi driver and monk. Currently, billionaire entrepreneur & founder of 5 Hour Energy. Manoj-Bhargava

6. J.K. Rowling

Until 31, a single mom on welfare. Currently, British novelist best known as the author of Harry Potter – the best-selling book series in history, which eventually became the best-selling movie series in history. JK ROWLING INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

7. Ang Lee, film director

Until 31, a jobless house husband. Currently, the first Asian director to win an Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for Best Director, and is the only director to win both the Golden Bear and Golden Lion multiple times. ang lee

8. Amancio Ortega

Until 30, a shirt shop helper. Currently, the fourth richest person in the world & founder of Zara.

9. Mary Kay Ash

Until 45, sold books and home goods door-to-door. Eventually became the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and one of the most influential businesswomen in American history. MARY KAY ASH INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE

10. Ray Kroc

Until 52, sold paper cups and milkshake mixers. Eventually became the founder of McDonald’s and built it into the most successful fast food chain in the world. RAY KROC INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE


So I hope you’ll be inspired by these 10 people who made the decision to keep pushing. There is no time limit and they didn’t take the conventional path towards success – each story is different, and I truly do believe that everyone has a shot. Don’t ever give up. Thank you for reading this post! With love, Jinna

  • Michelle Middleton

    Love this post! Really gives me hope too keep going after my dreams! x

    • Don’t ever quit, Michelle! xx

      • Michelle Middleton

        Thank you! Im determined to make my dreams reality no matter how long it takes! xx

  • Gives me hope to not have it all figured out yet!!


  • Best post I’ve read all month. Truly inspiring. xx


  • Lindsay

    This kinda blows my mind a little. Just so amazing.

    • Mind was totally blown when I found out about these people’s stories. Billionaires. I mean, what???? I don’t need all that money but it’s amazing how successful people became at such a late age. They literally just left that conventional path / life and decided to take a risk and look what happened. It’s never too late!

  • Mrunmayee

    That is a really great post!

  • Mary Lyndall

    I needed to read this. I have to tell myself it is okay to keep pursuing my dreams!

    • It’s NECESSARY. There’s a fire inside of you. Some people never feel it. And that’s okay, but there’s a fire that is inside of you and that’s why you feel conflicted. And that’s what you need to keep going, and pushing and it’s ALWAYS okay to follow your dreams! <3 Sending you love Mary! xx

  • Amalie

    People how kept fighting against all odds have always inspired me x.

    • And then it makes me wonder why I complain all the time lol <3 sending you love + wishing you much success amalie! xx

      • Amalie

        Thank you so much. I wish you happiness and success too <3 (:

  • Sarah D

    Loved this. And needed to see it. So many ideas. So much doubt. Time to push through it and make it happen. Xo

    • I’m so proud of you and you’re an inspiration to me you are a GO-GETTER & a hustler! <3 xx

  • Awesome post. Really needed this, thanks for sharing!!

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  • Nic McLean

    Great post. It’s always inspiring to know folk made it after being at the lowest point or feeling that it was too late. Reminds me of my favorite quote ‘it is never too late to be who you might have been’

    • I love that quote!!! Thank you for sharing and for your comment. <3

  • Robin

    Thank you for this. It’s really encouraging to see that in almost every example you gave, the person was at least in their 30s. I just turned 31 and I’ve been feeling like it’s way too late to succeed. Maybe it’s not!

    • This is exactly why I posted this. It’s NEVER too late to succeed. Keep pushing Robin! Keep going! 😀

      • Robin

        Thanks for taking the time to reply, this comment popped up on my phone on a day I really needed to see it. Pushing onward! 😀

    • Amir Foster

      Just turned 31 also and have been a little down about my moderate levels of entrepreneurial success. The article gave me some much needed hope when things haven’t looked so bright. Will keep pushing until I have that success breakthrough, and I hope the same for you!

  • Thank you 🙂 This is so encouraging! It’s so easy to give up because you’re tired of everything… But I try everyday to remind myself to never do that! Never give up 🙂 Work hard and put all my energies in what I love!

  • belle_christina


    These quotes are all really inspiring. I’m 29, so 30 isn’t very far away. Even though I am happy in my career, it’s such a great lesson that you can keep pushing and growing and getting further along in your life than you thought possible!

    ~ Christina

  • Natalie

    Thank You.

  • Very inspirational. Getting our brain juices excited for the new year!


    Miss Eliza WonDerland

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    Awesome post! Much needed right now also. Dreams here I come! Not giving up..

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  • these are all wonderful and inspirational – thanks for sharing!
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    This was a great post to give me motivation, I to just started as a new blogger who likes to post about motivation. I believe in Women supporting Women!

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    Great reading. You must never give when pursuing a goal, you don´t know how close can you be from it. Here is some more info on common mistakes when pursuing your dreams if anyone is interested.

  • I wanted to thank you for this fantastic read!! I certainly loved every bit of it.

    I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you post…

  • These are so inspiring. Love them all, but the Ang Lee one is just amazing!