I’ve yet to visit the amazing country, and I’m hoping to visit in the fall this year. There’s something just so romantic about the colors so prominent here – bright whites and deep blues, and outside of the cities so rich in history, the surrounding islands are usually home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

So since it’s freezing in most places around the world, I thought I’d share some warm wishes and feature some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.


Myrtos Beach
Cephalonia, Ionian Islands

Myrtos Beach, Greece | Travel
photo: worldfortravel

You can drive along the coast road and see one of the best views of Myrtos Beach, a mile and a half arc beach filled with brilliant round white pebbles.


Sarakiniko Beach in Milos

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: revelandroam

Sarakiniko Beach is the most photographed landscape in the Aegean – the bright white rocks eroded over time and resemble the surface of the moon contrasted so beautifully against the turquoise of the surrounding waters.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: mcladdie


Voutoumi Beach in Antipaxoi

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: pinkbirdflies

Take a sea-taxi from the port of Gaios in Paxos, and 15 minutes later you’ll end up on Voutoumi Beach in Antipaxoi – a serene, white pebble beach with crystal clear waters. No one lives on the island, there are only a few restaurants available, and those restaurants only serve fish that they caught that day. Talk about an escape.


Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)
Zakynthos, Ionian Islands

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: yachtingpower

The exposed cove beach, sometimes referred to as ‘Smugglers Cove’ is on the coast of Zakynthos in the Ionian Islands of Greece. It’s been called ‘shipwreck beach’ since 1983, when the smuggler ship Panagiotis wrecked on the beach while transporting cigarettes. Navagio Beach is only accessible by boat, but the trip is definitely worth it – white sand, limestone cliffs and bright blue water.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: eweb4


Red Beach in Santorini

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: thenationalherald

The iron-rich red rocks along the cliff tower above you while you sit on bright red sand at Red Beach. This beach is usually always crowded according to reviews, but snorkeling is something that is highly recommended because of the abundance of sea life in the surrounding waters.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Greece
photo: ekerikas


Now I’m wondering if I could squeeze all of these spots in one trip? If you’re looking to plan a trip to Greece this year, you can start searching for package holidays and go explore this beautiful country.


Have you ever been to any of these beaches, and what was your experience?


Thanks so much for reading!




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1 year 9 months ago

absolutely wonderful, it s always on my list to do the island hopping in Greece….

1 year 9 months ago


1 year 9 months ago

Greece is definitely on my travel bucket list, these beaches are beautiful!

1 year 9 months ago

Unreal, right?

Brianna DePauw
1 year 9 months ago

I love Greece! There are so many gorgeous beaches to explore!

1 year 9 months ago

The best feeling is to be laying on a beach not having anything to do, surrounded by family or friends <3 😀

1 year 9 months ago

I have been wanting to go to Greece for so long.. it has some gorgeous beaches. Oh, take me there please! Thanks for sharing Jinna! With love,

1 year 9 months ago

Thanks for stopping by Vera! xx

Sarah - Tasting Lifestyle
1 year 9 months ago

I’ve been at Voutoumi Beach and Navagio beach! As a half Greek girl, I would say hurry up and visit this beautiful country! The beaches are just half the fun 😉 xoxo Sarah

1 year 9 months ago

That’s so awesome! Would love more tips on Greece 😀 And I know the food is AMAZING!

1 year 9 months ago

can’t wait till its my turn to travel here, in a year an a half I will be there!!!

1 year 9 months ago

Awesome! So excited for you! 😀

Queenie Lee
1 year 9 months ago

Greece looks so beautiful – I can’t wait to visit one day! xx

1 year 9 months ago

Me too 😀

1 year 9 months ago

That’s the only thing I need to see – Greece here we go..

1 year 9 months ago

Yes please

1 year 9 months ago

I’ve been to Red Beach and the beauty of the red stones against the blue ocean really stands out. You can see more of my experience here: .Been dreaming about going to Shipwreck Beach since the day I first heard about it. Maybe next time I go to Greece.

Thanks for sharing!

1 year 9 months ago

So gorgeous – thank you so much for sharing!

1 year 9 months ago

I would like to escape my life at the moment and travel to this beautiful beaches. Thanks for sharing.

x Kate

1 year 9 months ago

Thanks for reading, Kate! xx

1 year 8 months ago

I am lucky to have been on 2 of them!

1 year 8 months ago

Stunning photos, beautifully captured 🙂

With love from London,

Carrie Colbert
1 year 8 months ago

I’ve never been to Greece either, and it’s very high on my list! Shall we go this fall?? 🙂


1 year 8 months ago

Amaizng post. I have been to cephalonia a few times and Myrtos looks even more incredible in real life. You can also get a boat over to Shipwreck beach from Skala in Kefalonia which I loved too. beautiful beaches xxx

Nina-V. Z.
1 year 8 months ago

This is just to much beautiful. It’s like haven.

1 year 7 months ago

Greece is so beautiful! The trouble is that it’s becoming an ever more popular tourist destination so the “best” beaches aren’t really unspoiled anymore. In my opinion, the best ones are the ones where you have to park elsewhere and walk some distance to the beach itself (usually down a dodgy cliff face!). Usually you get the cleanest beaches and the clearest water, not to mention great snorkelling opportunities and utter privacy! Have fun when you visit – I’m going this summer too!

1 year 5 months ago
I’ve been to Antipaxoi and Milos! At this point I should mention that the second photo is not from Sarakiniko, but from Papafragkas beach also in Milos. Lefkada has amazing beaches (similar to Myrtos): Porto Katsiki and Egkremnoi are the most famous ones. Simos beach is Elafonisos is beautiful, with turquoise crystal clear waters. But the best beach for me is Elafonisi in Crete. It even has a bit of pink sand! You could do Antipaxoi, Kephalonia and Zakynthos in one (almost) one go, since they’re all in the western part of Greece. But you’d need about a month to… READ MORE »
1 year 5 months ago
Cephalonia is such a beautiful island. I’ve been lucky enough to holiday there on several occassions over the years. Although it can be enjoyable and though fans of the film ‘Captain Correli’s Mandolin’ should go as one of the famous scenes was filmed there, I wouldn’t rate Myrtos beach highly compared to the other northern beaches. It is accessed by a long windy road, the restaurant on the beach is fairly basic and due to the open nature of the bay, the sea can get quite rough. I personally love Foki Bay, a quiet cove where the beach is covered… READ MORE »
7 months 1 day ago

what a great post! I definitely want to go to all ten!