While I’m sitting here paying way too much money on rent my tiny bedroom in Brooklyn, New York – I’m putting some serious thought into the quality of life that one could gain by moving somewhere that’s “away from it all.”

Sure, I’m young enough to hustle, move around, and I should absolutely be experiencing city life now – because when I get older and ready to ‘settle down,’ I won’t want to stay here. But ever since I quit my job to pursue freelancing full-time, I’ve thought about moving to a place where I can walk outside to sunshine, a view of a beach or the mountains, and breathe in fresh air.

Then I got to thinking about Thailand – breathtaking beaches, rising cities, the endless amounts of culture and scenic landscapes – I did some digging (still have a lot more to think about before moving), but here are five reasons why you could seriously consider moving to this magical country.

1. It’s cheap to eat, live and get around.

Floating Market in Thailand | Travel

Yes, I compare this to New York City, the land of the $14 cocktail (I won’t even get started on London). But the food in Thailand is absolutely delicious (spicy as sh-t), and comparably cheap to most places in the world. Walk into a night market and sample several different dishes for just a few dollars. Dish on pad thai for one US dollar, or try a soup (usually includes a drink + rice) for 3 USD.

thai street food

You can rent a motorbike for around $20 a month, and depending on what area of the country you decide to live in, you’ll have access to modern comforts and conveniences, including affordable, high-quality medical care.

2. You can live in paradise, for less.

Koh Samui Condo | Oceana Residence | Thailand

Luxury living in Thailand is just as luxurious, but in many cases a lot cheaper than a lot of places throughout the world. This condo from Oceana Residences in Ko Samui is just one example of some of the amazing luxury living properties popping up around the country.

In Phuket, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa with a pool, just a five minute walk to Kamala Beach, rents for around $647 a month. Sacrifice beach views and you can rent a three bedroom, two-bathroom home with 1,500 square feet for as little as $485 a month to the island’s north, near Nai Yang Beach.

I’m paying over a thousand dollars a month to live in a box on the 5th floor of an apartment building (no elevator). I can’t even imagine snagging a luxury condo right along the beach for half the cost.

3. The country is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Railay Beach, Thailand | Travel
Railay Beach

Khao Lak Beach, Thailand
Khao Lak Beach

Freedom Beach Thailand
Freedom Beach

Sairee Beach, Thailand
Sairee Beach

Phra Nang Beach Thailand
Phra Nang Beach

4. Because, well, Bangkok.

rooftop bar in bangkok thailand

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Sky Bar Bangkok

Public transit is awesome and cheap. The Skytrain and Underground train will bring you to anywhere you need to go for around 60 cents to 1 USD.

Bangkok at dusk

The more modernized financial district is home to upscale living, cleaner streets and an all-around more modern experience.


But you can still walk around and find beautiful Buddhist temples on almost every street and corner in Bangkok.

Leader of the Pack.

The culture, nightlife, food and living in Bangkok make it one of the world’s best cities to play, eat and live.

So what do you think about Thailand? Would you want to live somewhere halfway across the world, and if so – where?



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