Planning a summer vacation? Good luck. It’s in many cases the worst time of year to travel – everything is more expensive because everyone is choosing to travel to the same exact places at the same exact time.

I personally prefer to travel during shoulder seasons (in between high and low seasons), but schedules don’t always move around so easily. So if you are planning on traveling this summer, I’d recommend visiting these destinations to explore, eat, shop, party and have an all around amazing time.

1. Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro | Travel

Budva, Montenegro | Travel


2. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland | Travel

Glass Studio in Finland | Travel | Architecture


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam | Travel

Amsterdam Canal | Travel


4. Lima, Peru

Parasailing in Lima, Peru | Travel

Lima Peru at Night


5. Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada | Travel

Alberta, Canada | Travel


6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland | Travel

Edinburgh, Scotland | Travel


7. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Flying Over Sao Paulo | Travel

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Travel


8. Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta | Travel

Streets of Valletta, Malta | Travel


So, where do you want to go this summer?