Planning a summer vacation? Good luck. It’s in many cases the worst time of year to travel – everything is more expensive because everyone is choosing to travel to the same exact places at the same exact time.

I personally prefer to travel during shoulder seasons (in between high and low seasons), but schedules don’t always move around so easily. So if you are planning on traveling this summer, I’d recommend visiting these destinations to explore, eat, shop, party and have an all around amazing time.

1. Budva, Montenegro

Budva, Montenegro | Travel

Budva, Montenegro | Travel


2. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland | Travel

Glass Studio in Finland | Travel | Architecture


3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam | Travel

Amsterdam Canal | Travel


4. Lima, Peru

Parasailing in Lima, Peru | Travel

Lima Peru at Night


5. Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada | Travel

Alberta, Canada | Travel


6. Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland | Travel

Edinburgh, Scotland | Travel


7. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Flying Over Sao Paulo | Travel

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Travel


8. Valletta, Malta

Valletta, Malta | Travel

Streets of Valletta, Malta | Travel


So, where do you want to go this summer?

  • Victoria

    I’m headed to Amsterdam, Edinburgh and the south of France! Can’t wait! These suggestions are amazing!

  • All of those places must be gorgeous, and I haven’t been to any of them! Luckily, this summer I’ll be in Australia so I guess that will be cool too. Great list, La Valleta must be awesome to visit in summer! Have a nice day,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  • Mirela Bakalbasic

    First off — thanks for including my country on your list, Montenegro. However, first pic is Kotor, the second is Budva. Anyways, it’s a small and gorgeous coast, so while there, it would be a shame not to see it all. Welcome! 🙂

  • shelby

    I want to go to them all! Beautiful :]

  • Amsterdam for sure, Helsinki absolutely, and Berlin is also on my list! I’d also LOVE to visit Santorini and Athens one day…if only I had the money!!

  • All the pictures are amazing, now I want to visit them all 🙂

    Jacqui | Effloresscyon

  • Diana Maria

    I’d love to visit Scotland, I’m hoping to do that this summer because looking at beautiful photos like these is killing me!

    My Lovelier Days

  • Back to Bali in August – but would love to fit in a weekend in Edinburg before, it looks stunning!

  • Canada is number one destination! Such powerful scenery!
    September Rules

  • Allison

    I never would have thought to visit Helsinki. I went to Edinburgh a few summers ago though and loved it! Montenegro and the Balkans are high on my list this summer as well.

  • Bart Steenbergen

    Next week I will go for 2 weeks to Lima (for work), but I have one free weekend there. Any tips are welcome. If paragliding would be a real option, might go for that. Seems pretty Awesome. I am living in Montevideo currently, see-ing the (great) pictures about my home, Amsterdam ,feels me feel like home – the bikes :)!! Thanks for that. (share there our lives in Montevideo)

    • Rachel Sturz

      I’d recommend taking a weekend trip somewhere in Peru and exploring Lima during the 2 weeks you’ll be working there. I’d say take a quick flight to Cusco for the weekend or try to get to Arequipa/Colca Canyon depending on what interests you. You should be able to cover most of the sites in Lima & explore the city if you can squeak out an hour or two a few days a week after work. I would definitely check out Cebicheria La Mar for some of the best ceviche/food in Lima!

      • Bart Steenbergen

        Rachel, stayed for the weekend in Lima as well. Because of work. Nevertheless tried the cevicheria La Mar, indeed great! Thanks for the tip. As Many of the restaurants the food was great. I took the touristic bus to Visit the Unesco mentioned old center.
        Saludos, Bart

      • Bart Steenbergen

        I didn’t had the time during the week to explore Lima. So I used the weekend for Lima itself.I will use your tips the next time 🙂 As I live in Uruguay for sure there will be more opportunities. I tried Cebicheria de la Mar – great place. All the food in Lima was excellent.

  • Diogenes Bezzi

    I disagree with Sao Paulo indication. Sao Paulo is a business and nervous city and I don’t wish this for you. There are no natural attractions, nothing to destress you. Believe me!

  • Myrte

    I live in Amsterdam and really dont recommend it for summer, like most touristy European cities. It gets really, really, really crowded and therefor also expensive! I love the nice weather, but usually september and may are even better. Also, its winter in Sao Paulo in our summer..

  • I love the pictures in this post; I want to book a flight this minute! But what is there to do in these beautiful cities?

  • Lima looks pretty good to me! I definitely wanna visit it!

  • I fell absolutely in love with Amsterdam two summers ago and I’d really love to go back, maybe for longer. Experience the city life a little more and maybe explore around the Netherlands. This summer I’m traveling to and within Japan, and spending some days in Seoul, but otherwise I think from this list I’d choose Montenegro. Lately I’ve been wanting to go to places that are less obvious, places I wouldn’t have thought of visiting 5 years ago, mostly. Great list 🙂

  • Sasha De Sazter

    the 2nd picture of Helsinki, is that a hotel? If so, which one?

  • Maybe Wakatobi or Cebu

    Herdiana Surachman


  • I am off to Copenhagen again early September for a city break and to catch up with friends. I love it! Canada is definitely high on my to go list though.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • paterlo

    I work in Rotterdam (the other big city in the Netherlands) although it’s a very modern city I would like to recommend this one. Beautiful modern architecture! Like the new markethall

  • Great destination spots! I will keep them in mind for traveling this summer 🙂


  • Albert Wijaya

    Wow lovely list! Would love to visit all the place one day 😉

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  • Channal

    I have been in Japan and The French Riviera this year. Lovely places. In the summer we will visit The greek island Skopelos.

    Beautiful pics! Would like to go to Alberta Canada!

    Much love Anna

  • Rachel Sturz

    Great suggestions! We are planning on heading to the UK, hopefully mostly Ireland and Scotland (Edinburgh has been on my bucket list for awhile!), but I have been missing/craving seeing other countries in Europe (Parts of France & Germany, Croatia & Greece)…I am having so much trouble deciding what to cut out or how to fit it all in!


  • Cool ideas! As a Maltese travel blogger though, I would definitely NOT suggest Malta in the summer – it’s high season, with matching high temperatures! Come to Malta in Spring or Autumn, you’ll get a better view of our island 🙂 Des |

  • great idea! lovely list! its so u seful
    amazing pic love it!
    can u look my gallery landscape if you want. thanks.

  • Malta looks amazing, i’d love to check that out xx

  • tina

    amazing photos!

  • Wow! São Paulo featured on the list! I spent my childhood in that city. Although, I’m not really sure it’s as nice as the other ones you mentioned. I’m going to Rio this summer (winter there), but to visit family and friends. 🙂

  • Julia

    I am going to the Netherlands next week and could seriously not be more excited!! Thanks for sharing, and all of these photos were such an inspiration for future travels 🙂


  • Awesome Pics. Really great photography with all around the incredible places in world.

  • Ios island, Greece!

  • Cat Solomon

    amsterdam was awesome, I would so go back. going to Dublin and London this summer

  • You’re right about traveling in the summer. It’s usually pack and lines are long for anything and everything! My bf love the cold so he would only plan for travels in winter most of the time. After much discussion, he wouldn’t mind doing early Spring or late fall. Which turns out to be a good thing too actually. The crowd has tapered down. So this summer, we are actually not going anywhere but staying home =)

  • Asa
  • Joana Martins

    Portugal (my homeland (cause I actually live in France)) and Milan, Italy.

  • The Queen Of Dreaming

    Amazing places I’ve never visited, apart from Edimburgh where I lived for a period!

  • Wonderful post !!

  • Beautiful place and fantastic photos.