My life has been, well… interesting these past two years. Leaving my old apartment, quitting the corporate fashion world, and selling almost 80% of my ‘stuff’ to backpack Europe – is just the half of it. After my trip, I came back to New York City with no apartment, no job and signed a contract to film a reality show on E!. With three suitcases, desktop computer, and my dog, I moved into the Gansevoort Hotel for a month. I eventually got sent ‘home’ – except at the moment I had no home.

I called my aunt who was living in Manhattan, and she told me that I could crash on her couch for a month – one month, and I’d have to get my life together. I agreed.

Two days later, I published my father’s project (READ: I Left Everything To Travel The World For And With My Father) and I spent the next month doing phone and TV interviews sharing my father’s story with the world.

The time flew by, and with a newfound purpose in life, I booked a flight to Paris and traveled around France for the next month. My funds eventually ran out and I booked a return flight back to New York City. My friend from college let me crash on her couch for two weeks while I tried to find a place to live. Another friend had an extra room in her apartment that I sublet for a month. I gave her cash and moved the things I had out of storage, and into her apartment.

I saved up as much money as I could during that time, while making a few hundreds dollar here and there working as a freelance photographer and writer. I didn’t know what was planned for me in the next coming weeks, months or year – I just knew I wanted a place to work, live, laugh and sleep – a place to call my own.


A Place To Call My Own | Grease and Glamour


After countless hours of browsing through apartments I well couldn’t afford on Craigslist, I finally found an apartment in Brooklyn – two days before I had to leave my friend’s sublet. I took the little savings I had, and signed a lease at 8 PM the night before I was set to move in.


I’ve worked in coffee shops, hotels, buses, and airplanes all around the world, but there’s no feeling like waking up in my very own bed knowing that I finally had my own space, my own apartment, my own home office – a place to finally call my own.


So I partnered with HP & Intel, to give you guys a look at my space, inspired by their #WorkFromHappyPlace campaign. I like to write and edit photographs when I’m nestled on my bed, with my dog Saki curled up next to me, a freshly brewed pot of coffee in hand, armed with the endless inspiration I find online. And after months of crashing on couches, living out of suitcases, and traveling the road, there’s nowhere I’d rather work than in my very own room.


HP Stream 8 Tablet with Intel


Here’s a look at the new HP Stream 8 Tablet with Intel Inside® – it comes with free 4G data right out of the box (no wifi necessary; perfect for traveling) and Office 365 for an entire year (yep, that’s Excel, Word and Powerpoint for your productivity needs). Find more details on HP’s site here.




So spill – where do you feel the most productive? What’s your ‘Happy Place?’