Pimples, wrinkles, sun spots – you’re not welcome here. Coming from a Korean household, taking care of my skin has always (NEVER) been up for discussion. I remember my mom yelling at me about using cheap makeup or washing my face with soap when I was 13.

“Do you want to look old when you get older?”

“Wait, what?”

Having good skin isn’t a luxury, even though it seems like it. Yes, genetics has a lot to do with it, but there are three simple things that I try to do everyday to have more consistently clear skin.


3 Steps To Better Skin3 Steps to Better Skin



1. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every single day.

Drink 6 to 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

Glowing skin can come naturally if you stay hydrated. No illuminator necessary. Drinking six to eight glasses of water per day will not only help your skin, but your overall health.

When I’m headed to the airport, I take an empty water bottle with me and fill it up after I get through security. You’re allowed to bring empty containers onto the airplane without checking your bag. This way, I make sure that I drink enough water throughout the day.

Yes, you will have to pee like crazy, but it’s worth it. Dehydration can lead to more wrinkles, headaches and more visible pores. Drinking water makes your skin more elastic and plumps it so that wrinkles and pores are less visible. Mmhmm.



2. Wash your makeup off before you go to sleep.

Wash Your Makeup Off

It’s easy to fall victim to laziness – after a few drinks, or if you’re pooped from traveling – the last thing you want to do is wash your makeup off. But that stuff that makes you look beautiful during the day, will actually ruin your skin if you continuously sleep without washing it off. My mom used to always stress the importance of washing off my makeup before going to bed at night in my teens/early twenties – I never listened. My skin would be ten times better if I had listened to her.

I always keep makeup remover + face cleansing wipes with me (both at home and on the road). A few quick swipes and your pores won’t be clogged the morning after.



3. Invest in a really good skin serum.

3 Steps To Better Skin | Biossance

3 Steps to Better Skin | Biossance3 Steps to Better Skin

Serum? What is serum?

Serum comes in all shapes and sizes – there are tons of skin serums that companies will try to sell you for various different reasons, but the lowdown is this: serum is a skincare product that’s packed with antioxidants. Whether it’s to moisturize your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles or brighten your skin, a serum usually does the most skin-healing compared to other products (moisturizers, night creams, etc).

Investing in a skin serum is probably the smartest thing that I’ve done (mama would be proud) for my skin. I recently received this Biossance face + hair serum called ‘The Revitalizer’ and I’ve been taking it around with me for about a month now (The bottle is 1.7 fl oz. so it’s travel-friendly).

I put two to three drops on my face and neck after cleansing, morning and night. It’s a great moisturizing base for your makeup – I put it on before I put on my tinted moisturizer and bronzer, and it immediately makes my skin glow. The liquid contains ‘squalane‘ – a moisturizer found naturally in your body.

You can pick it up here for $58 with free next day shipping. The drops will probably last me around 6 to 8 months.


These three steps have helped my skin become better, brighter, consistently clearer and more even. What are some of your tips for better skin? Leave a comment below!