Yep, that’s right – and I didn’t even have any workout clothes on.

Williamsburg Bridge | New York City

As some of you may know – I’ve been making small but smart lifestyle changes to keep me healthier and happier. (READ: 5 Tips To Becoming A Healthier, Happier You) With the help of the Jawbone UP MOVE & Smart Coach, I’ve been able to track the number of steps, set goals and get closer to my happy place. I spent the day crossing off one of the items on my bucket list for New York City – walking the Williamsburg Bridge for the very first time.

My day started over on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hop off the L train and you’re surrounded with awesome bars, cafes, groceries and restaurants.

Bedford Avenue | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

But we decided to visit one of my favorite spots in the area – Juice Generation.

Juice Generation | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Mmm, smoothies.

Juice Generation | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I got the “Green Guardian” smoothie – spinach, swiss chard, avocado, strawberries, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds and almond milk. It’s only 175 calories with 6 grams of protein.

Summer means smoothies

A ten-minute walk later, we hopped on the Williamsburg Bridge, and the walkway is lined with the prettiest shade of pink.

Williamsburg Bridge | New York City

There’s a personality about this place that makes it so different than the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s like the stepsister that constantly gets out-shined by the older sister. But there’s a charm – a little grittier but charming nonetheless.

Williamsburg Bridge | NYC

Wearing the Jawbone UP MOVE fitness tracker and a white NBD dress.

Jawbone UP Move | Grease and Glamour

The best part about this bridge is that it’s not super busy. If you want to go on a run, indulge in an awesome view of the East River, or ride your bike into Manhattan, this is the almost empty, peaceful path to take. When you get off the Williamsburg bridge, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the Lower East Side.

Williamsburg Bridge, New York City

From here, you’ll be surrounded by more awesome boutiques, coffeeshops, bookstores and restaurants. But I was looking for something else.

Lower East Side, NYC

Yeah, yeah – I went there. One of the cutest bakeries in the LES is Sugar Sweet Sunshine – and I couldn’t help myself when I walked past it, so I went right in and got a Strawberry Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine | NYCSugar Sweet Sunshine | NYC

It’s so important to find balance in your life, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about treating yourself every once in a while – especially if you’re being active. The walk over the bridge was scenic AND peaceful, but it was ALSO an easy way to be more active.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine | NYC

While I was on the Williamsburg Bridge, I got a notification on my iPhone from the UP app asking if I was exercising. The Jawbone UP MOVE bracelet knew that I was being active (at least more active than I usually am), and sent me a notification directly through my phone. When I got back home, I checked the UP app to check my progress for the day. 5.4 miles, baby, over 12,000 steps and 1,600 calories burned.

Jawbone UP Move App

And that, my friends, is how I burned 1,600 calories without even trying.


What are some of the ways that you try to be more active? I’m not at the place where I can CROSSFIT yet, so I’m looking for more ideas to be healthier in a smarter way. Leave your suggestions + comments below. Thank you so much for reading.


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With love,

  • Ohh well done you! Such a simple yet effective way to get moving and you got a nice treat too! I would do squats whilst brushing my teeth….it’s amazing how many you can do in two minutes 😉
    Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading your post….you have yourself a new subscriber!

  • Julia

    This is me in my daily life in Paris! On an average day I’ll end up walking about 5 miles, and to add to that I live on the 6th floor with no lift 😀 Thank god though, because of this I can enjoy the yummy French baguette without too many consequences 🙂


  • Hi Jinna- great post! Your day walking around sounded lovely and it’s one of my favorite things to do, living here in the city- I’m always going across the Williamsburg bridge to see my sister on the other side!

    As a personal trainer, I love hearing other bloggers trying to incorporate more activity into their busy lives and living that healthy lifestyle. Keep up the walking- my tip to get more activity in without actually going to a full-out exercise class, is try to keep moving and take the scenic route when possible. Take the stairs, the longer way home, and try to not sit at a desk, working, for more than 30 minutes without standing up and giving yourself a little stretch. Hope this helps, and don’t be too intimidated by a class like Crossfit- everyone has their own starting point 🙂 Just find a good instructor, and give it a whirl!

  • Love all the photography! Well done on the calorie burning! I love walking, it’s the best way to see a city. You can go at your own pace and it’s not too tiring!

    The Runaway Journal

  • This is such a good post! It sounds like you’re making a lot of changes that are really good for you. The white dress is beautiful and the photography is on point.


  • Jorge Torres

    Thanks Jinna love your post! As someone struggling with his weight gives a different turn on the just explore and have fun and not worry about having to lose weight the boring way. You rock!

  • groovyfliss

    This is an interesting post but 1,600 cals in four hours? Without actually exercising? Nope.

  • Mima Isono

    I always try to walk everyday for at least 10,000 steps. It’s not difficult to reach that number when you live in Japan, like moving from one platform to another in Tokyo station can take over 1,500 steps or nearly 950m. Of course once in awhile I allow myself to get lazy, taking only 3,000 steps in a day. I never count calories burnt though. I use iHealth application to count the steps. This apps is connected to my digital weight measurement, it records BMI and fat percentage of my body.

    Mima || Tokyo Blogger ||

  • I’m excited to find your blog. I have the 2nd Gen UP band and I love it. Your writing is very interesting and keeps me wanting to read more. I’m an amateur beauty blogger and definitely taking inspiration from you.

  • I bought myself a Fitbit in Paris when I was staying there for 2 months last year. It was so easy to gain the steps because I have no car so I either walk and take the subway or just walk to my destination. Now that I am reunited with my car, it’s hard to gain even 5k steps a day! I need to do a lot more housework and go to the gym to achieve my daily goals.

  • I think the convenience of the automobile has helped create the general weight problem in America. I’ve lived in Japan for 2.5 years now and walk and train everywhere. It feels great (until the feet start hurting haha) and we have noticed how much more we see and take in when walking instead of zooming by in a car. We don’t own a car here and I would challenge anyone living in a town/city with decent public transportation to go without your car for a while and see the world from a different perspective. Hmm I may have to blog about this, thank you for the inspiration. Keep walking!

  • Great post! Drinking a smoothie always make me feel healthy!