Packing For Summer Travel


Oh, packing. It can often be a stressful situation – yes, you’re excited to be leaving, but what if? What if you didn’t pack enough? What if you packed too much? What if you don’t know what to pack at all? To help you speed up and de-stress the process, here are 10 packing tips to remember before heading on your next summer vacation.


Summer Travel Packing Tips


1. Lighter suitcase, happier traveler.

Summer trips are the easiest to pack for – so why overpack? Excess is not necessary – don’t take more than you need. You can always buy things when you get there, because no matter where in the world you go – there will always be some surf shop or roadside souvenir shop selling hats, bathing suits, towels, sunscreen. Literally. Anything. You. Need. Someone. Will. Probably. Have. It. The suitcase I use pictured above is from Samsonite – it’s super light and has 4 wheels so it basically rolls on its own. 🙂


2. Take a pair of sneakers.

In many island/beach destinations, there are usually so many other things to do besides swimming + hanging out around the beach that may require closed-toe shoes. I like to bring a pair of comfortable sneakers with me for hiking, sailing or just walking around the city. Currently obsessed with the Adidas Superstar II pictured above. Find some here.


3. Comfort is king.

I live by this rule, 100%, and the older I get, the truer it becomes. There’s a fine line between comfortably stylish and slumpy, but a little research will go a long way. I like to pack breathable, light and super comfortable tops. The striped tee shown above is actually a bodysuit from Tuxe – super soft, stretchy and perfect for tucking.


4. Beauty products weigh you down.

On past trips, I’ve brought bodywash, shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, hand lotion, foot cream, chapstick, sunscreen – what seems like my entire beauty cabinet – only for them to go unused since the hotel I’m staying in offers almost all of that.

You won’t believe how heavy your bag will get JUST from your beauty products.

To keep a short list, I’d consider bringing only the following if you find it completely necessary:
// deodorant
// sunscreen
// perfume
// toothbrush
// toothpaste

For the rest of your beauty needs, buy when you get there or take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary beauty offerings.


5. Limit your accessories.

There’s nothing worse than coming out of the pool and seeing your neck or fingers turn green from your jewelry. Take a look at the chunky accessories + jewelry you’re thinking of packing and ask yourself, “Is all of that REALLY necessary?”

When it’s hot outside and you’re sweating, beaching, pooling, tanning, jet-skiing or whatever else you plan on doing – you’re not going to want a whole bunch of accessories on you. So slim everything down. Slimmer rings. Slimmer bracelets. Slimmer necklaces. One dainty, high-quality piece will add that little bit of sparkle without weighing you down.


6. Roll your clothes, dude.

Make space in your suitcase by rolling your clothes. It also helps prevent wrinkles.


7. Get a GoPro or a waterproof phone case.

I invested in a GoPro camera (around $500) to take with me on summer trips – they come with a waterproof housing and are perfect to get underwater video + photos. A cheaper option is to go with a waterproof underwater phone case. Do a little research, read some reviews and invest in one before your next trip. The photos and videos you get from your trip will be well worth the investment!

I filmed this entire video on my GoPro camera:


8. Makeup musts.

Here are all the products I take with me for makeup needs. It’s not a lot, and most of my makeup products are unnecessary for summer trips (most of it washes off in the ocean/pool anyway!)

Packing for Summer Travel | beauty

// Tinted moisturizer with SPF – a one stop shop.
// Bronzer to get your glow going.
// Waterproof eyeliner + mascara
// Waterproof eyebrow pencil
// Chapstick -or- lip balm with SPF
// Lip crayon -or- gloss


9. Bring a daypack or a crossbody bag.

To keep all your essentials in. Don’t worry about bringing a humongous backpack – just a simple daypack works great. Even better if it’s waterproof. For my purse-toting ladies, bring a crossbody bag that isn’t too tiny or too massive – just big enough to fit your essentials alongside sunscreen, a bottle of water, and maybe a mid-afternoon snack.


10. One hat only.

I love to bring a hat with me, but packing it can be a nightmare if you want it to retain its shape. Baseball caps, five panel caps and other softer hats without too much structure will be easiest to pack. Panama hats and fedoras, however – I like to limit to bringing one per trip. To help keep its shape, wear it to and from the airport so you don’t have to pack it and see it squished. The hat pictured above is from Vince Camuto.


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