To all the butt-flattening, love-handling, muffin-topping, just-don’t-fit-right pairs of jeans out there, this is an open letter to you.

I’m breaking up with you. You are the reason many of us too often choose to wear leggings than anything remotely blue. You’re the reason why jeggings were invented in the first place, and we will never forgive you for that.

Finding a pair of jeans that fits you in all the right places has always been impossible for me. If a pair has the perfect amount of stretch, you find out there are no back pockets, or if a pair fits your thighs just snug enough, they end up being too big around the waist.

You’ve made me feel like I should feel bad that I’m not shaped like a mannequin. You have been the bane of my [shopping] existence since the beginning of elementary school. And I’m fed up.

But you know what? I finally found better, and I didn’t even have to leave my house. The perfect pair of jeans showed up right to my door, thanks to Zappos.

All right, let’s get serious. Levi’s re-launched their new women’s 700 line and I partnered with Zappos to try a few pairs on to see how they fit.

I didn’t expect much. It’s tough out there for a pair of jeans. It’s almost like trying to find a boyfriend.

Is he cute? Sure.
Does he fit you? Well, kinda.
Is he tall? Too tall.
Is he short? Umm, too short.

Ugh. The struggle.

Well the good thing is, they’ve got a style for every body – bootcut, high-rise, skinny, super skinny and a bunch more. I tried on the 711 Skinny in Mountain Sound (view all the colors here), and I welcomed them into my world with open arms.

Levis 700 Series Jeans | Zappos

They’ve got a good amount of stretch, classic back logo on the butt (which isn’t awkwardly squashed, thank God), and a smooth, skinny leg. The fabric is SOFT, not scratchy or super tough like ultra-thick denim. And at only $37 + fast and free shipping + a 365 day return policy, it was silly not to try them.

Levis 700 Series Jeans | Zappos

Check out all the 700 series Levi’s denim here, and my personal favorites – the 711 Skinny in colors Mountain Sound and Time Travel.

Plus here’s a little video I made and uploaded on instagram:

Thank you so much for reading this post! Got any funny denim horror stories? Leave a comment for us below!


With love,

  • Agree that sometimes jeans shopping is frustrating thats why I stick to only 3 staples in my wardrobe. Out of which 2 are from Pull n Bear. They make good jeans! Funny story. Have you tried wearing jeans that are a little too tight around the bum area, everytime you walk ‘you’ make an awkward fart sound? Haha! It happened to me for almost 2 years. Always wondered howcome someone beind me always farts?! Oh, took me 2 years to realise it’s because the fabric of my jeans on the bum area strecthed out so much it left a gap. Which was the culprit behind that sound 🙂 🙂 🙂


    Real Life Nerd //

  • Shopping for jeans is honestly my worst nightmare hahah

    Katina |

  • Ok, i really liked the jeans and the way they fit you, but what impressed me the most was the use of stop motion on your gifs! If you want a perfect bag for perfect jeans visit us at

  • Veronica Yabloko

    Ooh they look so good!!