It’s getting cold outside, and that means it’s the PERFECT time to take a quick warm weather getaway. One of my favorite places to go is Miami – it’s super close, cheap flights from New York and the weather is absolutely perfect. Plus one of my besties moved down there so I’m always happy to visit old friends!

Super excited to show you this project I’ve been working on – I partnered with Conde Nast Traveler and Simon Malls to share some of my packing tips for a warm weather getaway. 🙂

Learn some of my packing tips and discover my travel packing mantra by watching the full video below:

And here are just a few tips on what I covered in the video above:

1. Pack light!
Warm weather + heavy luggage = nightmare. Always pack light. You especially have no excuse to overpack when it’s warm outside, and you’ve got crop tops and bikinis in your suitcase.

2. Take bright colors with you.
I’m usually always wearing all black in the city (easier + it’s the NYC wardrobe!), but whenever I go somewhere warm, I bring out bright colors. It makes me happy and really gets me in the warm weather mood!

3. Accessories should be waterproof.
By this I mean – bring stuff that won’t turn green when you get in and out of the water!

packing warm weather new york city

This story was originally Conde Nast Traveler + sponsored by Simon Malls (basically a one-stop destination for anything and everything).

What are some of your warm weather packing tips? Do you tend to overpack or underpack?

Thank you so much for reading / watching!

With love,