If you guys don’t know already – I’m pretty much the most low-maintenance when it comes to my hair. I’ve dyed, fried, and all-around neglected my hair for the past year due to: 1) sheer laziness, and 2) having no idea how to take care of it.

My hair’s been through multiple bleach jobs (the ombre struggle) and the damage from coloring has caused it to break faster than when I see a kit-kat bar in front of my face. Pair that with beach days, chlorine and cheap hotel conditioners (admit it, they’re the worst) – and it had gotten to a point where I couldn’t even run my fingers through it anymore.

That’s why I was super stoked to visit Living Proof Expert & Hairstylist Pooja Shah at Blackstones Salon in New York City for a crash course on repairing my mane and getting it healthy again. One hour later, I had my fingers running through my hair. Here’s what went down.

01 blackstones salon nyc


1. I got a trim.

02 living proof salon visit03 living proof salon visit cut

Now as women who have invested years in growing our hair long, we all can tell you about a time when we walked into a salon asking for a TRIM, and walking out with 6 inches cut off. The story usually ends with lots of tears and a ‘Never going back there again.’

But it’s super necessary to trim your hair often to get rid of the split ends, breakage and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. I gave her the okay to trim about 2-3 inches of the split ends off the bottom.


2. I used products specifically created to restore damaged hair.

03 living proof restore

This strand-healing, tangle-removing, softness-restoring lavender-bottled Living Proof goodness was recommended for my uber-damaged, dry, color-treated hair.

1) My hair was washed with the Living Proof Restore shampoo.
2) The Living Proof Restore mask treatment was applied to my wet, clean hair and kept in for five minutes.
3) The Living Proof Restore conditioner was then applied to seal in the mask, and then washed out.

Boom. Softer hair.


3. I protected my hair before heat-styling.

05 living proof salon visit 3

04 living proof restore instant repair

Before blow-drying, the Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Lotion was applied to the ends of my hair to protect it from the heat. It’s just an easy way to prevent further damage and helped with some of the frizz.

06 living proof salon visit 2


This all just sounds too easy, but the proof is in the pudding pictures.




So the lazy girl guide to healthier hair?

Find products that are scientifically and specifically created for your hair needs. And thanks to Living Proof’s ‘Your Best Hair’ tool – we lazy girls can find the products we need in the easiest of ways. BOOM.  Take 10 seconds and try it out here.


Andddddd I partnered with Living Proof to try and test the Restore product line for a few weeks and give you a 100% honest opinion on the products + show you the results so stay tuned!


All photos by Alex Williams of 2020 Vizzion. View his work here.

  • Gabi

    Very useful tips. It is always difficult to give the hair that healthier look.

  • Hate to admit that I am currently not using any hair products! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • T chen

    How long did it take for you to acomplish the ombré look? How many sessions? I am having a hard time with my hairdresser…

  • Calista

    Hi. I’m from Singapore and would like to say that I completely agree with your post. I tried Living Proof last year and have not used another brand since. At that point I was losing hair, had an oily scalp, and nothing would work for my sensitive scalp! But I was sold by brand spokesperson Jennifer Aniston and the brand’s claims of being sulphate free. It worked for me. Glad you found it too!