I partnered with the folks over at Simon Malls and Conde Nast Traveler to chat about my go-to uniform for travel. We filmed this video in New York City to share some of the rules I live by when getting dressed for the airport.

Travel Uniform

Watch the video here!

1. Comfort is king.

You’re going to be sitting on a plane for hours – do you really want to be in a tummy-hugging, too-tight outfit that you can’t sit comfortably in? I like to wear leggings on the plane because, well, they’re leggings. But keep comfort in mind when getting dressed. There are enough things that could get you frustrated at the airport – your clothes shouldn’t be one of them.

2. Take a crossbody bag to keep your necessities close.

Passport, boarding pass, ID, anything and everything you’ll need to get through the check-in desk, security and gate sooner – keep these items close to your body via an easily accessible bag that can keep your hands free while you tote everything else.


3. Keep yourself warm – even when you’re headed to a warm-weather destination.

Bring a light sweater or a leather jacket for the plane to keep you warm while on the flight. It can also double as a pillow in case you forget or don’t have one.


4. Wear shoes that you can take on and off easily.

No unnecessary straps and you’ll get through security faster. Plus, if you like to take your shoes off while on the plane, you won’t have to struggle to take them off by bending over in that tight space that usually comes with flying economy. Slip on, slip off – the easier the better.

5. Pack light.

Unless you’re moving for good, you should be able to fit everything you need for your trip in a carry-on suitcase.

Travel Uniform

Thank you so much for reading! This story was originally featured on Conde Nast Traveler + sponsored by Simon Malls (basically a one-stop destination for anything and everything).

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