Let’s face it, we all want a little adventure and adrenaline in our everyday lives – some more than others. From cliff jumping to freediving, here are 12 insane adventures that will make sure to get your heart pumping.


1. Arctic surfing in Unstad, Norway


Surfing in Norway | @projectinspoSurfing in Norway | @projectinspo / Chris Burkard /


Though the arctic circle is most known for its magnificent northern lights, there is more than meets the eye. Arctic surfing will give you an unique experience and one of the best places to go is in Lofoten in the north of Norway.

Unstad is known for both its monster swells and perfect barrels – all the while being surrounded by breathtaking mountains and Norwegian wilderness.

Catch a flight from Oslo to Bodø and another interconnecting flight to Leknes airport situated 5-10 minutes from Unstad.

The best and most challenging conditions are during the months from September to April where you’ll get to experience bigger swells and snow.



2. Witnessing the Great Migration of Serengeti


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If you’ve ever watched BBC or wildlife documentary then this adventure is just for you.

Every year, 1,5 million wildebeests and 200,000 zebras migrate to the plains of Serengeti stretching from northern Tanzania and southwest Kenya in Africa. A notable mention are the dramatic riving crossings at Maasai Mara in Kenya where the animals have to face the danger of both lions and crocodiles waiting by the riverside and in the water.

Being witness to one of the world’s most extraordinary wildlife wonders will be forever printed in your memory and will give you the rush of a lifetime. The migration takes place during the months of July to October all depending on the conditions of rain and draught.



3. Walking El Caminito del Rey in El Chorro, Spain

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain


photos: anotherheader / / reuters


The famous El Caminito del Rey, also known as The King’s Little Pathway, is known as the world’s most scariest walkway. It was long considered to be too dangerous for the public and was closed after having claimed the lives of four people in 1999-2000.

Over 3 kilometers long and over 100 meters high, the paths are no more than a metre wide and is not for the faint-hearted. Though the walkway is safer now after renovation, you are still able to appreciate the view of El Chorro Gorge, which is a sheer cliff of 300 meters.

You’ll feel like you’re walking on barely nothing – so make sure you don’t loose your footing. The walkway is open Tuesday to Sunday and can be reached by train or car from El Chorro in Malaga.



4. Freediving in Bali, Indonesia

Freediving | @projectinspoFreediving | @projectinspoFreediving | @projectinspoFreediving | @projectinspo

photos: / Apnea Bali Freediving Education/


Experience immense depths of the ocean without extra scuba gear by learning how to freedive. Your physical and mental state will be tested as you need both inner strength and breathing skills to be able to hold your breath underwater until you resurface. The more you train, the deeper and more exciting the dives can get.

Bali is the perfect place for freediving due to crystal clear water and multiple diving sites – including the USS Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben and caves with sharks. Diving can be done all year around and there are multiple places offering courses ranging from a week to 1-2 days.



5. Dog sledding in Spitsbergen, Svalbard

Dog Sledding | @projectinspoDog Sledding | @projectinspoDog Sledding | @projectinspo

photos: / nordnorge /

The archipelago of Svalbard offers a unique insight to the ones who have a longing for arctic adventure. During the winter, the island of Spitsbergen provides the perfect conditions for dog sledding.

Join a team of highly enthusiastic team of dogs and go on an adventure to experience the arctic landscape during the day and also the night. But where is the insanity of it, you say?

You get to manage your own dog team and sled, experience the Svalbard wilderness like a true explorer and will perhaps run into a Polar Bear, which are known to hang around.

Go in the winter months from Mid-February to May. You can catch a flight to Longyear, Spitsbergen from Oslo.



6. Cliff jumping in Oahu, Hawaiicliff-diving-orlando-duque-hawaii

cliff jumping in oahu, hawaii | @projectinspo

photo:Dean Treml/Red Bull Cliff Diving  /

Whether you’re a beginner, professional or just plain crazy, Oahu has plenty of good jumps that will fulfill your every level of adrenaline. Travel around the island to experience the different scenery and nature, and ask locals for information where to go for the best spots. The North Shore has easier cliffs whereas the infamous spot Spitting Cave at Portlock Point needs more expertise when it comes to tides, swells, ripcurl and general safety. Make sure to always have friends or other people looking out for you as you jump and also hit the water.



7. Parahawking in Himalaya, Nepal

Parahawking in Nepal | travel | @projectinspoParahawking in Nepal | travel | @projectinspo


photo: / Scott Mason / 


Combining the best of two worlds – paragliding and falconry, parahawking is a relatively new way of experiencing aerial freedom.

In effort to create a new interaction between man and bird and also help provide conservation for vultures in Asia, who are on the brink of extinction, the Parahawking Project in Pokhara, Nepal offers the unique rush of flying alongside.

Not only do you get an amazing view of Himalaya, but you also get the chance to be a part of a greater mission making sure that conservation projects of vultures in Nepal is supported.

You can get to Pokhara by flight, tourist bus, local bus or car, but keep in mind that some transports are cheaper than others.



8. Cable car ride over Heaven’s Gate Mountain, China瑙傚厜绱㈤亾锛堟潕涓滅兢鎽勶級

Tianmen Mountain Cable Car | @projectinspoTianmen Mountain Cable Car | Travel | @projectinspo

photo: tripatom / Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park/


Even though it looks innocent and safe, the Tianmenshan Mountain Cableway is one of the longest in the world and ascends 4,1966 feet up into the sky starting from the city of Zhangjiajie to the peak of Heaven’s Gate mountain.

The nature and surroundings of Tianmen inspired the floating mountains of Avatar and has since become a well-known tourist attraction. However, the drop down is both thrilling and exciting.

The best time to go for a clear view with cotton candy clouds is during late spring, summer and fall, and you can get to Zhangjiajie by direct train or flight from cities like Shanghai and Beijing.



9. Skydiving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Skydiving in Dubai | @projectinspo

Skydiving in Dubai | @projectinspo



What would the ultimate adrenaline be without skydiving? Of course this is on the list – nothing beats jumping off an airplane and freefalling 120 miles per hour as you try and suppress the thought that you’re going to die.

So you might as well do it in an incredible place with a view that makes you forget your fears.

The city of Dubai provides the perfect scenery of ocean, mile-high skyscrapers and the famous Palm Island, and what Skydive Dubai promises to be an “extraordinary vision”.



10. Alpine Climbing in Patagonia, Chile


Alpine Climbing in Patagonia, Chile | @projectinspo

photo: Patagonia Europe/


For mountains and winter adventure, Patagonia is a must on the list.

Known for its thorny peaks and raw wilderness it can satisfy all your needs for that ultimate high as you ascend or descend from one of the tops.

Both South and North Patagonia has climbing for every level of experience and the most popular climbs include Bariloche, Ice Cap Trek, Gorra Blanca and Abuja Guillaumet.

You can get to Patagonia by flying to Santiago, Chile or Buenos Aires, Argentina depending on in area you want go climbing in.




11. Shark Cage Diving in South Africashark2_940_390_90auto_s_c1_


photo: South Africa Tourism/  /


This is a personal favorite and has been on my list since childhood (obsessed much!).   Forget about Bruce from Jaws and all the horror stories – the world’s most ancient killing machine, the Great White, will give you all the adrenaline you need.

The coastal environment of South Africa provides the perfect conditions for these pristine creatures due to the large colonies of seals living along the islands and bays.

The best time to experience shark cage diving is between April and October, but you are almost guaranteed to see Great Whites all year around in the waters around Cape Town, Hout Bay, Seal Island and Simon’s Town.



12. Big Wave Surfing in Nazaré, Portugal

Big Wave Surfing, nazare, PortugalBig Wave Surfing, Nazare, Portugal | @projectinspo

photo: benjamin marcus/the  /


If you’ve never heard of Nazaré before make sure you write the name down. Situated on the North coast of Portugal, this little fishing town transforms into a mecca for big wave surfing in late fall and early winter.

Because of its unique underwater geography, named the “Nazaré Canyon”, it can generate waves up to over a 100 feet and attracts professional surfers from all over the world, including Garrett McNamara who holds the record for riding the biggest beach-breaking way in Nazaré in 2011.

Whether you are a surfer (with big balls!) or a spectator, you can expect to get the huge rush watching the amazing waves crash in from the Atlantic ocean. It will leave you with an even greater respect for Mother Nature.

The easiest way to get to Nazaré is by bus or train from Lisbon.



Whether this list suits you or not, just go out and seek adventure. Have you done any of these or have any suggestions for more insane adrenaline? Leave us a comment below!



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