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paris by jinna yang


“At 49 years old, I can look back to the day I bought a one-way ticket to Germany as the turning point in my life. That was 21 years ago, and I have never, ever, regretted that decision. I did eventually come back, but I took a completely different direction from the corporate track I had been on: I got a master’s degree in German, which led me to becoming a teacher, which led me to the job I love (teaching high school). And… teaching allows for many travel opportunities. There are so many seminars in every corner of the world for us to take part in each summer. Travel = learning, and for teachers, that’s a lifelong process. Good luck to you as you find your path. It sounds like you are well on your way!” — Teacher Traveler, via Disqus

“It was the first time I cried while reading a blog. The most honest text i ever read! Thank you so much for the inspiration. xo” — Isadora Gol, via Disqus

“I was 45 before I traveled out of the USA the first time. My first trip was to Sumatra. I can not describe it, but that trip caused a fundamental change in who I am, and how I view the world. I want to thank you for sharing your adventures. I am always looking for inspiration for my next adventure.” — Brian B., via Disqus

“My name is Vinicius Sette, I am Brazilian and wanted to record my congratulations to your courageous and inspiring attitude of launching and realizing your dreams. No doubt it is an example for all of us who cling to a comfortable life without expectations in return for stability and security.” — Vinicius Sette, via Facebook

“Jinna, I just read an article you wrote on Huffington Post and I must tell you, you have moved me deeply. I’m only 17 years old, living in Lahore, Pakistan, with a family that would scoff at me if I ever told them I wanted to travel the world alone. I am not obscenely rich, I am not JUST a dreamer. I am ADAPTABLE and I am determined. I am absolutely hooked to the idea of traveling the world. I am fed up with seeing the same places, meeting the same people, doing the same things over and over again. I want to be thrown out on the street, fend for myself, sleep on a stranger’s couch, move forward without worrying where I’m going. Because life is too short to stay rooted to on place. I want to have nothing but a camera in my hand, a bag on my back, earphones in my ears, a smile on my face and optimism in my soul. Thank you for helping me say this.” — @ansab454, via Instagram

“Thank you for sharing. God works in mysterious ways, I came by your blog at a very crucial time in my life. I’m 61 and also dealing with loss, moving to a new city, and cancer. Through it all I have challenged myself as you have, and yes, am stronger for meeting my fears. Your blog will become a fixture on my road to new discoveries. God Bless you on your journey.” — Patriciann, via Disqus